Iglesias confirms that the IMV will be effective next May

The second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, has confirmed that “the Minimum Vital Income will be in May”, a measure that he has defended as “fundamental” because “there are many people who are in a desperate situation” and with “many difficulties in fill the fridge. “

In declarations to the Sixth TV Iglesias, which has assumed that “communication errors” have been made in the management of the coronavirus crisis, he has acknowledged that “in the Government it is discussed and then agreements are reached” and that, in the In the case of the Minimum Vital Income, the “timing” for its implementation was discussed.

In this sense, the leader of Unidas Podemos has defended that, in the midst of quarantine, its immediate implementation was “fundamental” because “in confinement, people cannot seek life through informal mechanisms.”

“The Minimum Vital Income is going to be in May,” Iglesias reiterated, assuring that the measure will materialize, although for this the ministers will have to “take off hours of sleep.” “There are many Spanish families who are in a desperate situation,” he recalled.

He has clarified that “the children who can go out to play are children who are up to 13 years old included” and as for those older than that age, he has referred to the terms that the alarm decree already established, to run an errand, to to buy…”

“From 14, 15, 16, 17 … of course they can go out, but not to play,” Iglesias reiterated, who also thanked the boys and girls for their “enormous effort” during the quarantine.

The second vice president believes that the COVID-19 crisis “is bringing to the table the drama that has represented the privatization of a large part of the nursing homes in our country”, in addition to “the presence of vulture funds” and the ” enormous precariousness “in which the professionals of these residences work.


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