Iglesias chooses Irene Montero and Pablo Echenique to head their list to the address for Vistalegre 3

The secretary general of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, has designed a list of candidates to renew the State Citizen Council (CCE) of the party in the Third State Citizen Assembly of March that will be headed by its main collaborators, with the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero , of ‘number one’, and the parliamentary spokesman, Pablo Echenique, of ‘number two’, sources of the purple party have informed Europa Press.

This Friday ends the deadline to register the lists to integrate what is the highest management body between assemblies and, according to the sources consulted, the ‘purple’ leader has chosen to trust the main leaders of Podemos and members of his hard core to occupy the top positions of that list.

Thus, after Montero and Echenique, the Secretary of State for Agenda 2030, Ione Belarra; the Director of Communication of Churches in the Second Vice Presidency of the Government, Juanma del Olmo; the Secretary of State for Equality, Noelia Vera; and the current spokesman for the party, Rafa Mayoral.

All of them are already members of the so-called State Coordination Council – the Executive that leads the day-to-day training – an organ from which all its members aspire to revalidate their positions, as candidates of the Iglesias team, with good positions . These are Alberto Rodríguez, Ana Marcello, Nacho Álvarez, Sofía Castañón, Txema Guijarro, Iodia Villanueva, Pilar Garrido, Meri Pita and Pablo Fernández.


The only two members of the current Executive who do not aspire to revalidate their position in Vistalegre 3 are the third vice president of Congress, Gloria Elizo, and MEP Miguel Urbán, one of the main representatives of the Anti-Capitalist current, which will foreseeably leave the party in March.

Iglesias will star in Madrid this Sunday in an act to present his team, which also highlights new additions of figures that have gained weight in Podemos in recent months, such as the spokeswoman for the Madrid Assembly, Isa Serra; the president of the parliamentary group of United We Can-In Comú-Gaicia in Common, Jaume Asens; or the chief of staff of Iglesias in the second Vice Presidency of the Government, former JEMAD Julio Rodríguez, all of them located at the top of the list.

The Secretary General of Podemos in Galicia, Antón Gómez Reino, is also in the candidacy of Iglesias. The candidate also for the Xunta, as well as other regional leaders who are part of the list, will not have to resign from their territorial position upon entering the CCE thanks to the change in the Code of Ethics that Iglesias will propose to end the current limitation which allows to hold a single internal position, according to Europa Press sources of the organization.

Iglesias also has in his team other members of the Coalition Government, such as the director of the Women’s Institute, Beatriz Gimeno; the director of the Labor and Social Security Inspection, Héctor Illueca, or the general director of the Injuve, María Teresa Perez. There is also Lilth Verstrynge, who is an adviser to the Vice Presidency, and the daughter of a professor of Complutense Policies and former secretary general of the Popular Alliance, Jorge Verstrynge.

On the other hand, some of the new deputies who have come to Congress after the last general elections, such as Pedro Honrubia, Martina Velarde or Lucía Muñoz Dalda, as well as former deputy and civil guard Juan Antonio, also aspire to join the leadership. Thin, he didn’t get a seat.

The leader ‘purple’ comes Vistalegre 3 as second vice president of the Government, and without competition that can dispute the control of the formation, after the march a year ago of the former leader and co-founder Íñigo Errejón and its related, and the announcement of the Anti-capitalists of no Participate in the congress, as a step prior to leaving the game.

Regarding his candidacy for the General Secretariat, of the ten candidates who registered to dispute the leadership of Iglesias – all of them unknown and without organic power in Podemos -, he has only obtained the necessary guarantees to continue the former Castilian-Manchego leader Fernando Barredo, who already presented himself unsuccessfully to Vistalegre 2, and since then has not ceased to accuse the party’s leadership of alleged irregularities.


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