Iglesias believes that the Eurogroup has made an "interesting advance" and in the "good direction", although still "insufficient"

Iglesias has assured that the economic and social crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic requires governments to provide "a seat belt" for families, businesses and the self-employed. In this sense, he has valued the "progress" that, in his opinion, involves the agreement reached this Thursday by the ministers of economy and finance of the European Union to launch these loans and launch a fund in the medium term that will boost the economy, once overcome the health crisis.

The vice president has assured that a "solidarity" Union must be demanded in Europe that assumes that it needs all Europeans to come out "united", contrary to what in his opinion happened in the face of the 2008 economic crisis. He came out rescuing the banks and now we have to rescue the families, "he said.

Iglesias has defended economic measures such as the credits granted by the ICO for companies and the self-employed to help the continuity of their activity. He has assured that he is receiving messages from people who are having trouble accessing them in banks and has pointed out that the procedures will be simplified to make it easier, but he has also warned that "nobody tries to make excuses for people and not apply what the government says. "

The Eurogroup agreement agreed yesterday that the European bailout fund (MEDE) will give up to 240,000 million in lines of credit to member states, the European Investment Bank (EIB) will mobilize 200,000 million in business loans and the proposed anti-unemployment fund by the European Commission will make another 100 billion available to European governments.

The Eurogroup reached this agreement on the basis of a previous document agreed between France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands after hours of contacts to resolve differences over the conditions that will be linked to access to the ESM loans.


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