May 15, 2021

Iglesias asks to reissue a progressive coalition government in Madrid to end the “corrupt right”

The leader of Podemos and future candidate for the elections in the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has claimed this Saturday in his speech in the Citizen Council of his party the reissue of a progressive coalition government to end the “corrupt right” in the region. In addition, he has warned the PSOE that “no political artifact”, in reference to Ciudadanos, will enable a progressive government that ends the “hegemony” of the PP.

Ayuso seeks a single electoral debate outside of Telemadrid and with Vicente Vallés as moderator

Ayuso seeks a single electoral debate outside of Telemadrid and with Vicente Vallés as moderator

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In addition, it has revealed that “such is the importance” that the “political, economic and media right wing” gives to Madrid that they have “erected” the acting regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, as the “leader of the opposition” to the Government. state. For this reason, these elections “are crucial” for the future of the Community, but also of the rest of the State.

In this way, he has claimed the “political capital” that Unidos Podemos will provide will be the ability to reach government agreements with other political forces to advance “social justice.” And he has insisted that those who have allowed governments with “the extreme right” cannot be key for a progressive majority, in another clear reference to Ciudadanos.

Faced with the new electoral appointment, he has claimed that the alliance that was reached at the state level and that correlation of forces “can also be achieved in Madrid”: “In Madrid we can also achieve a coalition government like the one we have achieved in Spain. Coalition government that will have to be the result of understanding between the different progressive forces and that surely will not be able to do everything we would like, but that can be much more decent, much more effective and much more worthy of Madrid citizens than a government of the extreme right “. “Although our adversaries are despite, we still have many things to change in this country and on May 4 there will be surprises,” he concluded.

The PP has “typical gestures of tyrants”

All this in contrast to the executives led by the PP, with a hegemony that has lasted for 25 years and that has led them to be “so sure of their power and impunity” that they have allowed themselves “gestures typical of tyrants.”

As an example, he has cited former President Esperanza Aguirre who dared to “confront” health workers who were protesting against privatizations, former president Cristina Cifuentes who, as reported, made a “centerpiece in her office in the Government Delegation with the material remains of the repression against the dignity marches “, or the recent case of Ayuso, who fed the” most vulnerable children with Telepizza menus during the toughest months of the pandemic. ”

He has also reproached the PP for turning Madrid into a “tax haven” for the rich with the deterioration of public services, since 54,000 million euros that could have been dedicated to financing the public sector have not been entered.

“To this day, the Community of Madrid is the last bastion of that corrupt right, well positioned in the deep state and with enormous support from the economic and media powers. It is in Madrid where they have entrenched themselves to resist the changes that are taking place. they are producing in Spain and to continue applying the same policies of dismantling the public sector “, he pointed out.


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