Iglesias asks “the humble people” of Madrid to mobilize the 4M so that “an arrogant minority” does not decide

The leader of United We Can and candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has officially presented all the members of his candidacy for the May 4 elections on Thursday, stressing the importance of the “mobilization” of the left to be able to cast Isabel Díaz Ayuso from the regional government to the right. The “objective”, he said, is “that the social majority of Madrid” speak on May 4. “If he speaks, there will be a left-wing government,” he added, acknowledging that this Executive would be made up of “different candidates,” alluding to the other left-wing parties.

The coalition opens a new phase pending the role that Iglesias plays after the 4M

The coalition opens a new phase pending the role that Iglesias plays after the 4M

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“If the poor neighborhoods of the city of Madrid, if the cities of the south are mobilized and their participation is equivalent to the participation of the wealthy neighborhoods, there will be a left-wing government in the Community of Madrid,” he has settled. “If the social majority speaks, the minority will not be able to impose its arrogance and corruption. There may be a government that defends public health, transparency and feminism. It is very easy, it is enough that the most humble people do not accept that another once a minority imposes its arrogance on the Community of Madrid “, he insisted.

“The key to the illegal financing of the PP was the Community of Madrid. That is why they think that it is impossible for that to change. But on the 4th, if the social majority speaks, there will be a left-wing government in the Community of Madrid”, has stressed. “There are many people who have suffered an eviction, who have difficulties paying their rent or their mortgage. On May 4, those people, who are the majority, cannot allow the bank executives to decide who governs in the Community from Madrid”.

“I am not going to ask for the vote for any candidacy. We can add the three,” he added, referring to the other left-wing lists that will be presented on March 4: the PSOE and Más Madrid. That is why he has considered “important that the left” do not release “pullitas” in the campaign. “It is the biggest demobilization factor,” he said. “Not a word from United We Can against the candidates necessary for us to set up a government,” he continued, to conclude that “what most demobilizes decent people in the Community of Madrid is seeing fights between politicians.”

For Iglesias, “the campaign of the PP and the ultras is pure arrogance” in Madrid and “for that reason they speak with contempt of all the candidates” or “they allow themselves not to condemn the neo-Nazis.” “They are convinced that Madrid is their farmhouse and it is not true. The key to their political success is the demobilization of the left. But there are many people who do not yell, who do not insult, and who have to speak on May 4 because they They have already talked enough. We are not going to shout, insult anyone, but on the 4th we are going to leave the ballot for the left to rule in Madrid, “he added. “We are not going to allow those who have dedicated themselves to robbing Madrilenians and those who openly vindicate the governments of the dictatorship and Francoism to trample on the meaning of the word freedom,” he said, alluding to PP and Vox .

Iglesias has been supported in the presentation of his candidacy by four government ministers: Ione Belarra, Irene Montero, Alberto Garzón and the recently appointed third vice president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz. “And they told us that we could not govern,” he ironized, highlighting the efforts made by the progressive coalition government.

Before Iglesias, Díaz herself had intervened, who has shown her support for the former vice president. “Pablo has done it again. He has done it again. He has turned everything upside down and has given us hope again,” he assured, thus supporting Iglesias’ decision to leave the Government to be a candidate in Madrid.

Díaz wanted to make it clear that “it is possible to win” the 4M. “We are going to win it for the people of this country, for the people on the streets,” he said. De Iglesias, the vice president has assured that “talking about Pablo is talking about politics”, because “it will never be anything like the same” because “it is capable of changing history” Spain. For all this, Díaz has asked the people of Madrid to give “a lesson” to the right at the polls, which he has identified with “the politics of no, hatred, and fear.” Faced with this, he said, “there is a construction policy” in the candidacy of United We Can.

At this point, Díaz has also valued “the management” carried out by the left in the Government. “The story they give us that they know how to govern is false. They have left people lying down, they have turned health care and education into a dispossession. The Madrid that we want we are going to design. From the outstretched hand, with love, and affection, yes we can change everything “, has settled. He has also asked Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the PP “to stop frivolizing freedom” because “it is not a decoy, it is not a campaign slogan.” “It has cost our people a lot. Let’s not play with words,” he concluded.

The spokeswoman for United We Can in the Community of Madrid, Isa Serra, has warned for her part of the “threat” posed by the fact that the president of the region, the popular Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has shown herself “willing to put the extreme right in the Government of the Community of Madrid “. “Only if we all mobilize and we are all going to achieve it,” he assured, asking “to do everything possible” to avoid that Vox entry into the regional Executive. “Only with the working majority, with women, migrants and the children of migrants, will we be able to kick out Isabel Díaz Ayuso,” he added.

Other members of the list of Churches have also participated in the meeting, such as Jesús Santos, Alejandra Jacinto, Beatriz Gimeno, Serigne Mbayé – the president of the manteros union that Iglesias has called as “the most Spanish” of the candidates who are presented to the elections–, Agustín Moreno and Cecilio González.


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