Iglesias and Colau will defend this Sunday in Barcelona the importance of approving the Budgets

Iglesias and Colau will defend this Sunday in Barcelona the importance of approving the Budgets

The general secretary of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, and the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, will perform this Sunday at 11.30 a ceremony in the Nou Barris neighborhood of Barcelona to defend the positive "impact" that citizens would have on the approval of the General Budgets of the State (PGE).

With the slogan 'Ara is possible', they will defend that the accounts would allow the construction of policies of change that improve people's lives, such as "raise salaries, dignify pensions, freeze public transport rates and regulate rents".

We can in the Congress and the communities in Catalonia look for weeks of the support of the independence movement to the PGE, although the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, has insisted several times that the 'no' is final because there have been no changes in the situation of the sovereignist prisoners.

The first deputy mayor of Barcelona, ​​Gerardo Pisarello, will also participate in the ceremony this Sunday; the leader of EnComuPodem in the Congress, Lucía Martín, and the leader of the comuns in the Parlament, Jéssica Albiach.

Precisely this Wednesday in the Catalan Chamber, Albiach demanded that Torra not subordinate the accounts to the situation of the prisoners, and asked for the support of the PGE because they include social improvements that can not be wasted: "We have to do it for the people" .

Also from the hemicycle, Torra kept the door closed to any change of position and argued that it is impossible for him to address with the central government the 2019 Budgets "being comrades in prison", alluding to the sovereignist prisoners.


However, Podemos and los comuns do not give up the independence support for the PGE, and on several occasions they have recalled that the vote of the communes is key for the Generalitat's Budget of 2019 has any chance of prospering in the Parliament.

Colau already proposed a three-way agreement weeks ago: that PDeCAT and ERC support the State's accounts in Congress; that the comuns do the same with those of the Generalitat in the Parlament, and that PDeCAT and ERC support the municipal budgets in the Barcelona City Council.

Torra explained on Wednesday that he does not want to change his mind with the PGE, but he did contemplate including the accounts of Barcelona and the Generalitat in the same negotiation: "This is an issue that we have to resolve together, I hope we will do it together in Barcelona and in the Parlament ".

If the PGEs and the Catalan budgets fail, they would add uncertainties about the viability of the legislature in Congress and in the Parlament; In the case of the City Council, in May there will be municipal elections with or without approved accounts.


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