September 26, 2020

Iglesias alleges the reports that have dismantled the judge’s “thesis” on the card of his former collaborator to continue being ‘harmed’ in the Villarejo case

Pablo Iglesias continues trying to recover the condition of injured party in the Villarejo case opened to inquire if the commissioner is behind the theft of the phone of his former collaborator Dina Bousselham and the dissemination of its content. The vice president has sent a new letter to the National Court on Wednesday to expand the appeal he presented in June and in which he argues two reports contributed to the cause that remove suspicions about him as the cause of the “damage” to Bousselham’s card , which is one of the lines of investigation opened by the judge after withdrawing his victim status.

A police report removes the suspicions about Pablo Iglesias as the cause of the

A police report removes the suspicions about Pablo Iglesias as the cause of the “damage” to the card of his former collaborator Dina Bousselham

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The magistrate has attributed two possible crimes to Iglesias – disclosure of secrets and / or computer damage – for the unjustified retention of the mobile content for at least six months and the alleged damage to the device. The defense of Iglesias recognizes that “given the current state of the card, it cannot be specified whether there was any previous damage”, but insists that “it has been proven that the supposed external destruction was alien to the thesis of the instructor who considered it base and element for the withdrawal of the condition of injured party ”.

To support this argument, the vice president alludes in his writing to a report of August 12 in which the Scientific Police concluded that the “damage” to Bousselham’s card was produced by a type of “sanding” that corresponds to the techniques carried out by “laboratories specialized in information retrieval from this type of device.”

That is, they are compatible with the manipulation of the device by the Welsh technology company that the Bousselham couple resorted to to try to recover its content after Iglesias gave it to them and who already reported that it had arrived at their facilities. “physically intact”. In fact, this report from the Welsh technology company is the second that Iglesias has provided to try to revoke the judge’s decision to withdraw the status of injured party.

The magistrate agreed on May 25 to withdraw that condition at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and after Bousselham admitted in court that she herself had made and sent some of the screenshots of the Telegram conversations that ended up published in Okdiario, El Confidencial and El Mundo . Iglesias had been accepted at first as harmed when the material of the mobile phone stolen from Bousselham coincided with those publications that he himself affirmed in court had the objective of harming him and the party just when Podemos made a coalition government offer to the PSOE in 2016.

The judge considered “unsustainable” to maintain that condition “since the procedures carried out have not made it possible to specify to what extent he is offended or harmed by any criminal offense.” And from then on, he established as a priority to resolve what the politician did with the mobile card of his former collaborator or a copy, regardless of whether Villarejo kept another and three media published part of its content, according to an Internal Affairs report.


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