Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Igea is suspicious of a Citizen model “cesarist without counterweights”

The leader of Citizens in Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, has warned on Friday of the possibility that his party will apply a “cesarean model without counterweights”, instead of applying a “participatory one, with real counterweights and debate power”.

Igea has thus answered the secretary general of the Cs Manager, José Manuel Villegas, who had previously challenged him to present an alternative candidacy to that of Inés Arrimadas and to be brave to do so.

Through two messages published on the social network Twitter, Igea has denied that the debate it raises is one “of people, but a model of parties.”

“Inés (Arrimadas) is also my candidate,” summarized Igea, who in recent weeks has insisted on her support for the current spokeswoman for Cs in Congress, provided that she supports greater democratization and internal participation in the party, with measures as the direct election by the militants of the territorial coordinators, instead of being appointed by the national leadership.

In another message, Igea added: “I will be brave: I want Inés to preside over a more open, more participatory party, with more counterweights. A party in which the militants can decide their regional and provincial executives.”


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