Igea advocates "correcting mistakes" made in Cs and fleeing "hyper leadership"

The candidate for the presidency of Cs, Francisco Igea, has been late because his training analyzes and "corrects the mistakes" he has made, while asking to flee from "hyper-leadership" that involves "an operating system in which there is all the power to a leader who exercises it from top to bottom. " This makes "I know that they place regional executives, and that makes the balance systems of powers and counterpowers be canceled, because all power depends on a person."

Igea has made these demonstrations before maintaining a meeting with affiliates at the Gran Vía de Logroño hotel. He has been accompanied by the members that make up the list of his executive, the exporter of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens in La Rioja, Diego Ubis, and the spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens in the Courts of Castilla y León, Ana Carlota Amigo.

A candidacy that, as noted by its leader, aims to "face a change in a party that, remains essential and necessary for the whole country, has to occupy the liberal and progressive center" in Spain, and for this "has to leave not only of the trenches, but also of the mistakes that led us to the election result of November 10 ".

He has assured that "when you call an extraordinary congress because it has had a bad result, what you have to do is make an analysis." He has censored some strategies taken by members of the 'orange' formation, since "a message has been given that we have not been wrong in the organization, and we maintain the same model and even double the commitment to a centralist model."

He has also indicated that it is critical that "one says that he has not made a mistake in the strategy because our strategy of pacts and alliances double the bet and we go to a pre-election coalition", as well as the fact of "presenting an Executive list and are practically the same people ", to which he pointed out that it seems that the message to citizens is that" we have not been wrong, but that the one that was left over was Albert Rivera ".

All this, for Igea "is not a good strategy", because a political party "has to seriously exercise analysis and criticism." Citizens - he added - "is essential more than ever today, because citizens live a country installed in the frentismo in the trench and in the confrontation, and it is necessary a party of center, that is strong in its convictions, in its message of fight against the nationalism and of defense in the national sovereignty and in the rights and individual liberties ".

For the candidate for the presidency of the 'orange' formation "we have to be able to talk, reflect and try to get this country out of the situation it is in.


Igea, on the other hand, recalled that they in their Executive Reserve nineteen positions so that "all the autonomous candidates who have been elected in primary schools are represented". "When you have been chosen by the militants, you must be accountable to who has chosen you," he added.

Next, he recalled that "unlike the other candidacy, we propose a system that is not only more participatory, not only more democratic, but allows debate, criticism and decision making to be more correct and not let's make the same mistakes again. "

Asked about pre-election pacts, Igea has lamented that "an opportunity has been wasted" to "know what this party really wanted", since "the same would have been that if the Manager or Inés Arrimadas wanted to submit an amendment on the pacts, should have met the party and presented that proposal on pre-election pacts. " "This party belongs to its militants, not Arrimadas, the Manager, Igea or its candidacy," he concluded.


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