I'feo'and'different', among the main causes of aggressions in childhood - The Province

I'feo'and'different', among the main causes of aggressions in childhood - The Province

One third of minors attribute the aggressions to children to their physical characteristics, to their character traits (shyness, sadness, negativity), or to "the ugly" and "different", according to the report Violence Game OVER, developed by the Children's Platform. This entity notes that the report, funded by the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, collects opinions and proposals that about 600 children between 4 and 17 years, have poured into the text of the Organic Law of comprehensive protection in the face of violence against children.

In addition, in the report, made public last Tuesday, in the Universal Day of the Rights of the Child, minors ask for awareness campaigns to prevent and avoid these acts. They believe that the spaces where more hours pass, the street and educational centers, are the places where there are more situations of violence against children, although they also mention the parks and shopping centers, as well as the home.

In Spain, every day, 37 children are victims of child abuse in the family: more than 13,800 children a year, according to the latest statistics from the Unified Registry of cases of suspected child abuse (RUMI).

For its part, the Ministry of the Interior, points out that during 2017, the last year for which data are available, in Spain more than 37,000 complaints were filed for violent crimes against children.

To tackle this situation, Adolfo Lacuesta, president of the Platform for Children, is committed to listening to children and incorporating their opinion into the text of the Organic Law on Comprehensive Protection against Violence against Children.

The Acting Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, has initiated an ex officio action to know if the educational projects of the autonomous communities effectively fulfill the right to inclusive education of students with disabilities.

On the occasion of World Children's Day, Fernández Marugán reiterated her commitment to the defense of children and adolescents and called for "consensus" and as quickly as possible in the processing of the draft law on comprehensive protection against all forms of violence against women. childhood.

Children's rights

The Ombudsman recalls that he works "intensely" to defend the rights of children with disabilities and, in this context, different actions are framed as to demand from the administration that children with disabilities in distress continue to receive attention when they reach the age of majority . Fernández Marugán also asks that it be guaranteed that students with autism can attend the specialized classroom they need, in the center where they are already enrolled.

Likewise, the institution carries out a "constant" monitoring of all the welfare benefits, housing, minimum income and municipal social emergency assistance that the administrations give to the most vulnerable families.


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