Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

«If Zapatero had supported us, we would have controlled the bank»

«If Zapatero had supported us, we would have controlled the bank»

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Madrid - BilbaoUpdated:

One of the protagonists of the attempted assault of Sacyr in 2004 to the aaccionariado and the presidency of BBVA, an operation that would have led Francisco González to hire ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo to defend himself, has today given his version of the events publicly in the shareholders meeting of the bank that is celebrated in Bilbao. The ex-president of the construction company Luis del Rivero has denied that this movement was conceived from La Moncloa by the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as Gonzalez has always said, but rather that Sacyr's attempt to seize 3% of the capital It was created by shareholders and historical advisers of BBV, the so-called Neguri families.

It has always been said that the one who was the head of the Economic Office of La Moncloa with Zapatero, Miguel Sebastián, whom González had dismissed as head of BBVA Resaearch, backed Sacyr in the framework of an attempt by the Socialist government to remove from the presidencies of Ibex companies to executives related to the PP of José María Aznar as González. "If Zapatero had supported us, do not doubt that the operation would have triumphed," he said, referring to the former president of the Government as a "Bambi not of stuffed, but of steel", which brought forward all its purposes no matter how strong the opposition. And he has remembered, for example, as if he succeeded the purchase of Endesa by the Italian company Enel.

Del Rivero's version is that Sacyr's attempt was an operation designed by the Neguri families, who had been removed from the bank in 2002 by Gonzalez after their secret accounts in Jersey surfaced, to regain control of the bank. «Our purchase proposal was accompanied 81 of the 82 founding families of BBV, with Santiago Ybarra at the top », the businessman said, accusing González of« creating the myth of a political operation ».

Yesterday, in his letter of resignation, the banker pointed out as "painful crises" that had to face during his presidency both Sacyr movement and the case of secret accounts in Jersey. Regarding the latter, Del Rivero recalled that this served as an excuse for González to expel the Basque councilors from the bank, when Justice finally saw no crime in his performance.


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