July 24, 2021

"If you want we roll up": 50 students explode against the sexual harassment of a professor in Valencia | Society

"If you want we roll up": 50 students explode against the sexual harassment of a professor in Valencia | Society

A group of 50 students of Social Education of the University of Valencia has papered his faculty with comments macho that a professor allegedly directed them repeatedly in class last year. Among them: "A student hurts herself with the chair during class and screams, the teacher: 'Buf, how do you get those little cries' and' A student asks in the middle of an exam if she has to get involved in a question. : 'No need, but if you want to roll with me is another issue. " The students have denounced on Thursday the alleged cover-up of the case by the faculty. The university announces "blunt" measures against the professor, whose behavior has been described as "outrageous" by the rector, Mavi Mestre.

The professor Ramón López Martín made the comments "practically in all classes", according to one student. "At first we did not know if it was an isolated joke, but then we saw that it was repeated day after day, it was very strong," he says.

This newspaper has tried unsuccessfully to obtain the version of the Professor of Theory and History of Education, who was dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences from 2006 to 2012 and vice-rector of Educational Policies and Educational Quality between 2014 and 2018. Lopez Martin was presented in March to the elections of the University of Valencia in a candidacy that was defeated by that of Mavi Mestre.

The dean of the faculty, Rosa María Bo, assures that the denounced professor initially denied having carried out the demonstrations attributed to him, but later admitted that he could have done them in a "joke" tone. The dean has not mentioned the identity of the professor, confirmed by this newspaper through three sources.

The professor made the comments before a class formed in 80% by women during the first quarter of the 2017-2018 academic year, several students agree, who prefer not to give their name for fear of suffering academic and judicial consequences. The sentences now illustrate the wide hall of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences: "A student sneezes, the teacher:" If I told you you were too cool ";" A student says she is nervous. The teacher: 'I realized it last night'; "A student and a student are sitting next to each other. They drop a folder and she bends down to pick it up. Teacher: 'What are you doing down there?' Student: 'Take the folder.' Teacher: 'Ah … they call it that now. "Women have also posted messages demanding an end to sexual harassment in college.

The students submitted the complaint in writing on May 18, the last day of class, just before the start of the exam period. But the case has now come to light, they explain, for the lack of reaction of the academic institution and for the assistance of the professor to the act with which the faculty celebrated the International Day against Gender Violence: "We thought it outrageous. a hypocrite, this can not be allowed, "says one of the students.

Mismanagement and concealment

The organizers of the protest have published on Thursday a statement through social networks in which they criticize the "mismanagement and concealment" that in his opinion has marked the performance of the university. According to the students, in a meeting held on Wednesday the professor presented his apologies adding: "If you are so empowered, learn to distinguish what is a joke of what is crime." The women have demanded that in the future the equality commission of their faculty act against machismo "leaving behind the cronyism and corridor relations".

The dean justifies her action arguing that in June she asked the students if they wanted to transform their complaint into a complaint, which according to Rosa María Bo, the students answered that it was enough for them to give the teacher a "wake-up call". The dean adds that the faculty consulted the steps to be taken with the Vice-Rector for Studies and the legal services of the university, and insists on its commitment against machismo.

"As a woman and as a teacher, I never thought that a teacher today had such behavior, which is not only macho, but evidence of an abuse of the position he has in the classroom, as a rector I will not consent," he said. , for his part, Mavi Mestre. Sources of the university management have assured that if the students do not file a complaint with the Equality Unit of the academic institution, the rector will act ex officio against the professor.


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