«If you want to see someone sunk, do not look at me»

«If you want to see someone sunk, do not look at me»

It may be that Julen Lopetegui has given one of his last press conferences as coach of Real Madrid. He has left after tomorrow's match against Viktoria Plzen and what happens next is to write, although it does not look good for him, because his sentence is almost signed. "I have learned to fight in this club, I have it in my DNA and I have burned it. We are going to make a great game, "he said in front of the many questions they wanted to know about their situation, their feelings or their future. Nothing has answered the coach, trying to put the focus on the rival: "I face the day to day with the normality of always. That is the only thing under my control. If you want to see a sunken coach, do not look here. We have the maximum illusion, "replied the white coach, in one of his most complicated press conferences. As a goalkeeper, he has experience in clearing the most complicated balls. This morning they have been all and Julen has tried to save them without directly answering the tricky issues. They asked him what he thinks about everything that has been published about his future being written: "You have taken for granted that I read and listen", Julen replied to the journalist who asked him. "I analyzed the opposition with normality and raised the game with ambition. I do not look beyond that scenario. That is my responsibility as a coach. "

What is in the air is if next Sunday at the Camp Nou, Lopetegui is going to sit on the bench as a visitor, the one who plays as coach of Real Madrid. It is a question that nobody dares to answer affirmatively. Not even his own protagonist. When they asked him, the tracksuit was played, as if making himself present: "I can confirm the current moment and that I will be the coach tomorrow, you can not talk about it in a month. We are focused on the present ", he answered, without answering in reality because he is not clear either. He has tried to talk about the future, what can happen: "Do not make me assumptions," the coach has cut, somewhat tired of a press conference that has focused on him, his future and not at all in the rival of tomorrow, the Czech Viktoria Plzen, who does not scare anyone, one of the weakest teams in European competition. "In football there is a relationship with the goal. Being superior, if they mark you … You have to improve in both areas, be more effective and grant less. You have to grow as a team, "he replied when asked about football.

Isco, meanwhile, has ensured that those who criticize now, "will return with the tail between the legs" and that the team will change the current trend.


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