If you plan to travel at Christmas, book your flight now | Economy

If you plan to travel at Christmas, book your flight now | Economy

Although the bridge season of the last quarter has not yet ended, almost half of Spaniards are clear that they will travel by plane Christmas, New Year and Kings parties. This is confirmed by 43% of the participants in a Skyscanner survey. Only 9% of them, however, have already purchased the ticket. Is it a good time to do it now? From the flight search engine there is no doubt: "The month of October is the best time to book flights to most of the favorite destinations for these dates, since you can find domestic tickets with discounts of up to 8% and international with a 10% saving compared to the average price ", they point out.

Are you tempted by Turin?

More specifically, this week is the most propitious to buy flights to major international destinations with a 16% discount to the average annual price, and the next, to book domestic flights with savings that can reach 14%. The cheapest date to travel by plane for Christmas is December 29, and the most expensive on the 22nd.

For a one-way trip between December 22 and 30, and a return trip between December 26 and January 7, the cheapest flights include both domestic and European destinations. On these dates, a ticket to Santander, Vigo, Port or Turin (in the Italian region of Piedmont) will cost between 50 euros and 60 euros. If you can pay something more, that is, between 70 euros and 100 euros, you can still find flights to Santiago de Compostela, Bordeaux, Brussels Y Tangier.

Flight more hotel? Copenhagen

Once the ticket has been obtained, however, it will be necessary to look for accommodation. In this regard, playing the card of anticipation is a strategy that is not shared on Expedia. "Many believe that the best deals are only available if you book months and months in advance, but that is not always the case," warn from this travel agency on-line.

When analyzing the data from last year, the most interesting savings made by Spaniards who booked flight and hotel packages were obtained "between zero and six days before Christmas" and reached approximately 25%. For the most apprehensive, those who can not bear the idea of ​​leaving everything for the last minute, however, there is good news: the price of packages start to be more affordable starting 60 days before Christmas.

Puerto del Rosario (Fuerteventura) Y The Gran Canarian palms they are the domestic destinations for which the flight and hotel packages have become cheaper on this platform. In Europe, on the one hand, they have become more convenient Copenhagen, Prague Y Vienna, among others. For the other, Cancún, Newark and New York they should be preferred if you want to travel to another continent.

Vacation rental? In Navarre

Staying in an apartment or a house can be a good alternative to the hotel, especially if traveling with family or friends. In this case, we must bear in mind that "the peak of reservations for stays in the month of December are mostly made in November, so it is better to move in September or October to have more options," warn from Homeaway.

According to the seasonal analysis of this vacation rental portal, in almost all the autonomous communities, a reservation at Christmas entails a more significant disbursement with respect to the annual average price, with peaks of 16% in Estremadura, or 12% in the Madrid's community Y Catalonia. The only regions in which there is a slight reduction in prices are Navarre (-6%) and The Rioja (-one%).


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