“If you make a joke that is going to hurt someone a lot, unless it’s good”

Carlos Faemino and Javier Cansado (right) form the duo Faemino and Cansado.

Carlos Faemino and Javier Cansado (right) form the duo Faemino and Cansado.

More than thirty years of experience give many tables and certain licenses, too. But if something has given to Faemino and Tired it is clairvoyance, which they will share with the public with their new tour of theaters in their show ’17 times’, where the two-thousand-year-old Chinese tradition Kaon Lin, the only deity that lives in a canteen and allows a human being to enjoy clairvoyance fourteen times in life. Why? Because they have 17. Javier Cansado assures that it is his most disruptive show, in which they present a less white humor and without restrictions.

I have to confess that I have been inquiring about Kaon Lin and have not found anything …

It doesn’t exist, sorry. When we start a show they ask us to write something about it and in this we had the serious problem of not having a leitmotif, something to hold on to because we are not talking about travel or politics … So I used an ecumenical and rare knowledge to give it an intellectual and transcendent patina. Lie everything …

In any case, the show is about clairvoyance …

Yes. Our career is very long-lived and what we want to say is that due to a generational issue it has been a long time since we, and I honestly say it, we should have disappeared. I thought that humor was not generational, but that it transcended, that it was passed from one generation to another. But no, you realize that it happens like with music, with movies … There is something and someone that you grow up with and that is your music, your cinema, your literature, which is not the same as music and movies of your children … That’s why I say that we should be retired by now, but, nevertheless, we continue acting and we continue to do well. This is an arcane.

Have you ever considered retirement?

My vocation is to retire, although nobody believes me because I am multidisciplinary. But my problem is that everything they offer me is very good, I do it with friends and they pay me well. I’d be filthy selfish if I said no.

Is humor clairvoyant?

The job of the good comedian is to see what is happening in the world and in a crazy or absurd way tell his particular view of the world. And this has a certain clairvoyance because it is how you analyze things. Then you can be more or less successful.

They say it is their most disruptive show. Why?

We are not characterized by being disruptive in the political sense. We have always used that absurd, surrealist approach to the world around us, but we tried not to hurt. I do not want to say that we look for it now but if we want to say something outrageous, we say it. Let’s say we don’t cut ourselves. What comes to mind we release.

Do we have more sense of humor now than 30 years ago?

The pandemic is added. I think that now there is an avidity for everything: cinema, going out on terraces … and we are lucky that in hard times, humor is the most sought after. The humor that we have right now in this country is impressive and the generation that follows us is fascinating. But this is so because the public has also evolved a lot. Today he is very receptive and admits provocation.

That is if they are not fried in the networks …

Now we are hanging by a thread. Humor is loaded by the devil. If I fight with someone, possibly I will be able to reconcile, but if he laughs at me, humiliates me, it is very possible that I will never reconcile. That’s why I always say that if you’re going to make a joke that is going to hurt someone a lot, at least it’s great.

How is the Galician public?

It is a very effusive audience. I don’t believe that which is sometimes said that the Galician public is different from the Riojan public, for example. No. They laugh at the same things, but that effusiveness is what can change. And performing in Vigo is rock and roll. It’s amazing.


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