Sun. Apr 5th, 2020

If you have this ticket you could earn 3,000 euros in 'El Hormiguero'

There is no day we do not watch on television contests where viewers can earn a certain amount of money if they call the phone that facilitates a certain program. But nevertheless,
The Anthill
has given a twist to this type of raffles to capture the attention of space followers and anyone who, at this time, see this news and read that Pablo Motos's program has put into circulation a ticket of 10 euros, whose serial number can earn you 3,000 euros.

With this game, the presenter returns for the second time to emulate the feat he did two years ago with a twenty-euro bill.

'El Hormiguero' puts into circulation a 10-euro bill whose serial number can earn 3,000 euros

Just like the presenter of The Anthill explained in the video, the team put into circulation two weeks ago a 10 euro bill with a serial number. The number in question is: VA4177333271. The figure is unique, that is, there can only be one 10-euro bill and only one winner.

So, the challenge they launch from Antena 3 is that those who are lucky enough to have it in their possession, should contact the program as soon as possible. They haven't talked about deadlines yet, but we do know where they dropped the money. In this case it was Jandro in a restaurant in Castellón where the “waiters go green”. This is the image of the ticket we are referring to.

The 10 euro bill was put into circulation in a restaurant in Castellón

Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get 10 euros with the serial number you put into circulation The Anthill, You will have to send a photo and video to a WhatsApp number that you have provided to verify that you are the owner of it. Whoever has it will earn 3,000 euros. Now it's time to know, where are the 10 euros?

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