Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

‘If you don’t change your attitude, I can’t save you’

Naomi Galera he has taken the bull by the horns and has had a conversation with Eli, one of the contestants of

OT 2020

which has raised more controversy in the talent of TVE after their repeated

lack of respect
to some of his classmates at the Academy. In the conversation, the young Canarian has not been able to suppress the tears although she has insisted on justifying her attitude.

In the talk between the director of the Academy and Eli, the triumphant has ensured that “I don’t disrespect them because I don’t disrespect anyone”. An affirmation that Naomi Galerá cut from the roots assuring that “just as Ari was touched by his attitude last week, this Sunday can be given to you.”

Talk by Noemí Galera and Eli for their attitude in 'OT 2020'

Talk by Noemí Galera and Eli for their attitude in ‘OT 2020’

And it ended with a clear and direct warning: “If you don’t change your attitude, I won’t be able to save you.” Eli, trembling, looked up and asked Noemí: “Are you nominating me?” To which the director insisted: “No, I’m trying to help you.” He then added that “this is a program of singers and there are things that I will not be able to consent. I warn you about what there is, what I see and what I think you can improve. ”

It was the height of a conversation that, far from being a quarrel as it is described in social networks, it has been a talk full of tenderness by Galera: “You have very rough forms but you don’t have a bad background … Sometimes, I’m looking at you and I think:‘ Fuck, Eli, “he said as the Canary tried to hold back the tears without getting it.

“You have to learn to control that anger and that bad host”

And he has set some examples like when today Eli has said that “Basque is ugly”, In reference to the song that two of her companions sing this week. “I do not speak here to evil ever!” Protested the contestant to what Naomi insisted: “Do you want me to show you images so you can tell? Because you are not aware …

“With what you’ve been through in your life …” added Naomi referring to the episodes of bullying that Eli herself has claimed to have suffered during her childhood. “You have to learn to control that rage and that bad host,” insisted the director of the Academy as she approached to hug the contestant.

Talk by Noemí Galera and Eli for their attitude in 'OT 2020'

Talk by Noemí Galera and Eli for their attitude in ‘OT 2020’

Seeing that the Canary began to get excited, Naomi said: “I have Cleenex in case you want to cry … ”The response of Eli has been sharp and cold: “I don’t cry.” But he has cried, hugging Galera, who tries to end this way a few days of great tension within the Academy because of these disrespects. In fact, he has listed the situations that led him to have this talk with her.

“I think you’ve entered a loop with Ari. I’ve seen the images and she doesn’t slam the door … I think you feel like it. You’re losing control at what times”, Naomi insisted at another point in the conversation that he admitted that“ one of the people I spoke of yesterday when I gave the talk was you and I know that you have a very good heart. ”

Listing disrespects

“That you have friction is absolutely normal because you are 16 people. Ari has made a change since Sunday, another thing is the week he took last week … which was very crossed. We have given a touch of attention and it has changed. I do not ask you to be friends with Ari, I ask you to keep the forms while we are here …”, Insisted Noemí Galera.

And continued listing situations before Eli’s nervous gaze: “Do not put your fingers in your mouth when you are talking to someone; that you don’t take away the rennet guitar from Flavio when Flavio is playing quietly on the sofa without asking permission … That you can’t go to Ane, take his cell phone and take it from his hands … or give it a touch and recess it against the kitchen furniture. ”


“But if we are playing!” Eli defended himself. But Naomi kept trying to make her realize that her behavior was not right: “Maybe that person craves crap playing at that time,” he replied. The talk, lasting half an hour, occurs after many followers of the program have asked that Eli be sanctioned for her constant disrespect towards some classmates.

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