If you are from Alicante, do not go | sports

If you are from Alicante, do not go | sports

Faced in the third group of Second Division B, one with its subsidiary and the other with its first team, and far from coinciding in First Division, Valencia and Hercules have gotten entangled in the offices and have revived an old rivalry. The reason: a decision of the security officer of the Sports City of Paterna that prevented on Sunday the access to the Antonio Puchades stadium to the followers of Hercules who traveled without tickets to witness the duel between Valencia Mestalla and the Alicante team.

Despite the public and official statement of the black and white club throughout the week, which warned that it was not going to sell tickets to the stadium to the visiting fans because their partners had priority and to avoid incidents in the stands, herculane fans moved to Paterna with the intention of buying them at the ticket offices of the Valencian mini stadium.

The Valencia assured that all the tickets facilitated to the Hércules already covered the space reserved in the tier for the visiting fans

Before the numerous presence of followers of the Hercules without locality, the Valencia decided, "for reasons of security", to ask for the DNI of all that one that personba in ticket office to review its place of origin. Thus, any amateur with Alicante document could not get entry despite the fact that tickets were available at the ticket offices because the stadium was not filled. Only those who had been born in the province of Valencia entered.

The measure prevented Valencia fans born in Alicante, but with residence in Valencia, could not access the field and provoked anecdotes such as Pepelu, Levante UD player and native of Dénia, was left without entering. Or that members of the peña valencianista Jose Luis Gayà de Pedreguer (Alicante), who had left the pass at home, could not enter with your ID. Interestingly, Valencia fans agreed to buy tickets for fans of the Hercules and there was cordiality between blanquinegros and blanquiazules.

Valencia wielded security reasons and argued that all the tickets provided to Hércules already covered the space reserved in the stands for the visiting fans and that they did not want to compromise the safety of any person by mixing the fans in the rest of the stands. The Valencia had sent 365 tickets to the Hercules, almost around a quarter of the capacity of 1,500 people of the Antonio Puchades so that their followers were all together. The Puchades does not have a limited area for the visiting fans as if they have other stadiums.

The game ended with a draw to zero and no incidents between both fans. The spicy was put in the following hours by the leaders of Hercules who first sent a letter to Valencia protesting the measure of demanding the DNI to their followers and last night announced their decision to raise a formal complaint to the Spanish Federation, Competition and General Sports Directorate of the Valencian Community before the answer of the Valencia. Carlos Parodí, general director of the club, does not find "reasonable the official public explanations of Valencia" and adds that "there is no sincere apology for the citizens of Alicante", while accusing the club of diverting attention "from the underlying problem" and of "finding guilty without assuming responsibility".

The controversy has ignited in the political sphere. The hardest has been the former mayor of Alicante, Gabriel Echávarri Fernández (PSPV), prosecuted twice for prevarication, who in his Facebook profile censored in a written procedure of Valencia. "They imagine that there was a team whose parties could not attend, because they are not sold entry, black people. What would happen? … What if another team did not let women enter their camp? … What if another did not let Muslims in? " "Well that's what happened on Sunday, in the field of Valencia B, what happens is that the discrimination was based on birth (of the origin of birth in particular)," he added.

The stick to the Valencia of Echávarri, who uses the networks for their personal political or soccer quarrels, continued: "Spaniards are equal before the law, without any discrimination based on birth. This article -14- was the one that infringed on Valencia, a club historically complexed (it is difficult to understand how the third city of Spain does not have his team as the third in Spain, neither by history, nor by titles, nor by stadium , if not that it wanders in a middle class with ínfulas of glory that never arrives) -sic- ".

The Consell de la Generalitat considered "inadmissible" and "reprehensible" to be marginalized in a public event amateurs for their place of birth, while asked explanations to the Mestalla club about what happened in Paterna. At the same time, the PP will register a question in the Cortes Valencianas addressed to the conseller Vicent Marzà, in which he expresses his support for Hercules and the fans affected by the veto.

Precisely Vicent Marzà, the head of the Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sports of the Generalitat Valencia, posted his opinion on his Twitter account, positioning himself on the Alicante side: "We consider the Valencia CF veto to fans from Alicante unacceptable. You can not marginalize anyone depending on where they are born. We have asked the club for explanations and we will study how to prevent this from happening again. "

Valencia, who remained silent until yesterday, broke it with a statement insisting that the measures were to preserve the safety of the two hobbies in the enclosure. "The club is authorized to limit the number of tickets sold to fans of the visiting team. At the box office there was no request for a claim sheet. "

In the writing, the club of Mestalla takes advantage to charge against political intervention: "Valencia CF expresses its total repulsion towards those demagogic disqualifications or political interests that, from the ignorance or the apparent purpose of trying to show, as a result of these events, a No conflict between clubs, hobbies and even provinces, have been publicly cast against the club and its honorability (including some coming from former public offices with open judicial processes), instead of directing these energies to help a large club as the Hercules CF is again in the category that deserves for its history and its numerous fans ".

On Sunday, in addition to the derby between the Mestalla and the Hercules, another match of rivalry between Atlético Levante and CD Castellón was played. El Levante also warned that at the box office he would not sell tickets to Albinegros fans, after the package that the club had already sent to Castellón, and he did so. The followers of Castellón did not move, warned by their club, to Bunyol and there was no problem in an enclosure in a similar match.

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