June 20, 2021

If we want tourism to come, we must reduce transmission

Madrid, May 31 (EFE) .- The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has warned that we must “play with clear cards and without hiding anything”, so “if we want him to come tourism, he said, we have to guarantee a reduction in transmission with vaccines and other measures. ”

This was stated by Simón at a press conference this Monday, at the end of the monitoring meeting of the coronavirus pandemic, when asked if the United Kingdom will remove Spain from its list of “amber” countries, which forces travelers to keep a minimum of ten days of quarantine and to have at least two PCR analyzes when returning to this territory.

The expert has revealed that there are periodic meetings with the British authorities, which are considering the possibility of territorializing their travel recommendations to Spain.

“It is a bit incongruous to propose to relax the transmission measures and at the same time tell the citizens of a country that has an incidence of a quarter of ours (49.9) to come quietly to our territories,” he assured.

Simón understands that the British authorities, who urge that travel to Spain and the rest of the countries on the “amber” list be avoided, are prudent when making recommendations.

However, he trusts that the good evolution of Spain and the territorialization, will favor the increase of tourism, by directing the recommendations to some areas and not to the whole of the country.

He insisted that, “although we all really want,” we must understand the risks that the covid continues to generate nationally and internationally, and has commented that although vaccination “helps a lot”, we must continue to reduce the incidence.


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