July 16, 2020

“If we fall bad the military will lead”: this is how the truckers live the COVID-19 crisis – La Provincia

The situation caused by the crisis of coronavirus COVID-19 has paralyzed most of the country, but there are basic services that require the presence of its workers at their posts. Supermarket ATMs, restrooms, deliverymen, firefighters … There are professions that cannot be frozen and must continue to function to avoid greater evils.

This is the case of carriers, who are part of a chain that cannot be stopped. They are in charge of ensuring that the supermarket, as soon as it opens its doors, has all the products that are needed daily. “Transportation will never stop”, emphasizes Jesús Miguel Martínez, carrier of Carreras Grupo Logístico. So also thinks David Ortega, collaborating carrier of Ontruck, who assures that this sector is “too important to paralyze it”.

But do truckers feel safe enough to continue doing their jobs? Do they have the required security measures in the face of the coronavirus crisis? According to BYZness, these two carriers do not feel fear for their health, although David Ortega remembers that “It is everyone’s business.” For his part, Jesús Miguel Martínez assures that he has been provided with hydroalcohol, gel to disinfect his hands and a spray for the steering wheel, but in no case masks because “there is no”:

“You have to be very careful,” says David Ortega, but “after all, we work individually”, Add. Before going to any company they try to call to see if it has closed its doors or if it is still operating. The problem, he says, comes when they come to the companies to load and they are the ones that skip the security measures.

His work, usually with long hours, has been increasing in recent days. “More things are coming out because now everything is much more urgent,” explains David Ortega, while Jesus Miguel Martinez confirms that it does increase the workload.

The supply, guaranteed

The counterpart to this situation of high work experienced by truckers is the guarantee of supply. Both, from their perspectives, consider that the shortage will not occur.

“That the people are calm because the supply is not going to be lacking, because the primary sector works and the auxiliary industrial fabric of food also”, affirms Martínez. “I don’t think the chain stops“says Ortega. To which Jesús Miguel adds:” If we fall bad, the military will lead. “

Truckers lawsuits

“Now they help you and remove restrictions, but this could be a double-edged sword,” argues Ortega, although he continues: “But you always have to keep in mind that this is something temporary and that you have to ‘throw a cable’.” Although what really worries this driver are the subsequent circumstances for the transport sector: “The problem will come later. If we used to work from 10 to 12 hours, now they will be more because we have the excuse that it is ‘to help’ but when this is done we will continue to work 12 hours or 15 hours with very low prices“denounces Ortega.

Restaurants and bars closed, gas station shortage … In addition to continuing to work long hours, they must do so at this time in adverse conditions. “You have to leave the house prepared with everything, because there is nothing open. You could enable the areas because many do not even leave us or use the services,” explains Jesús Miguel. This is the main claim of those who they can’t stay home Because those who do stay at home do not have to lack the most basic things.

Luis Bardaji, co-founder of the Trucksters company, assures that “right now it is essential to be united and facilitate the work of truck drivers, since they are responsible for the arrival of products in supermarkets and pharmacies and, therefore, the heroes of road”. Likewise, it denounces that there are companies that are raising the prices of mileage on truck routes, “but we want to contribute to help with the situation and for this reason we have made the decision to offer a non-profit service”.


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