“If there is something bankrupt, it is the sense of state of the opposition of the PP and the extreme right”

Pedro Sánchez maintains a full schedule on weekends on the occasion of the holding of regional congresses in which it keeps alive the flag of the social democracy that he raised during the conclave of his re-election held in mid-October. This Saturday he was in a particularly difficult place for the Socialists to inaugurate the PSOE congress in Madrid just six months after it was relegated to third position. In front of the new parties -which he has not mentioned but in the retina is the meeting of Yolanda Díaz, Ada Colau and Mónica Oltra this Saturday- and to the right, the socialist leader has vindicated the PSOE as the “essential party of the system politician “Spanish. But he has taken advantage of his speech to get chest out of his management and of the social democratic policies against neoliberalism and has attacked Pablo Casado for putting “sticks in the wheels” in recovery. “If there is something bankrupt, it is the sense of state of the opposition of the PP and the extreme right,” said the president just 48 hours after Congress gave the green light to the first major agreement for the renewal of some constitutional bodies, among They are the Ombudsman, who will be Ángel Gabilondo, absent from the event, but to whom the Socialists have thanked his work in recent years.

The Government guides the dismantling of the most controversial reforms of the PP

The Government guides the dismantling of the most controversial reforms of the PP

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“We govern for the broad social majorities and we will do so despite the anger, insults and disqualifications of the right and the extreme right,” said Sánchez at the event held in Ifema in which he took the opportunity to value the management that is carrying out the coalition Government with special emphasis on the increase in the Minimum Wage, the implementation of the Minimum Vital Income or the revaluation of pensions in contrast to the recipes applied by the PP in the financial crisis of 2008.

“There will be a crisis, but there are really only two ways out: the neoliberal or the social democratic,” Sánchez assured, convinced that “if something has shown” what the Executive has done “and the opposition knows it well,” it is that the socialists are “more recognizable than ever as Social Democrats.” At a time when the polls are not favorable to him, he has been sure that the public will opt for that option, as he has done in Germany, the Scandinavian countries or the US, as he has expressed.

Sánchez has also defended the PSOE as the only party capable of bringing together the vast majority of society at a time when On his left, the movements begin for the generals of 2023. “When they ask me outside of Spain how it is possible that there is not an environmental party, I say that for the same reason that there is no feminist party, because the environmentalist and feminist party in Spain is the PSOE,” he harangued his own before Take as an example the president of the party, Cristina Narbona, who was present at the event as well as numerous members of the Executive, including the Secretary of Organization, Santos Cerdán, and ministers (Félix Bolaños and José Manuel Albares, who are active in the federation; Margarita Robles and Pilar Llop, who have been on the electoral lists for that constituency; and the spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez).

Sánchez ignores Ayuso

The leader of the PSOE has also defended that the newly elected general secretary of the Madrid federation, Juan Lobato, like Juan Espadas did in Andalusia, would extend his hand to the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the budget negotiation “offering a kind of useful opposition and responsible that from his convictions puts the interests of the community before the partisan interests “. “That does not happen in Spain,” he asserted before accusing the opposition of being “so used to teasing that it does not celebrate a collective success such as the vaccination campaign.”

Sánchez has avoided entering the melee with Ayuso against what he did in the electoral campaign in a strategy that generated doubts in the ranks in which they considered that it gave entity to the regional president. What it has done is an allusion to the fact that the Community of Madrid is the “most unequal” region, although “its leaders speak little of it.”

What he has referred to as soon as he begins his speech is the “critical and complex situation” in which the PSOE of Madrid was left after reaping the worst results in its history on May 4, being relegated to third position. However, he has been convinced that a “much stronger and more united” party will emerge from the congress. “I vindicate myself as a proud militant of the PSOE in Madrid. In the end, political organizations, their maturity, are also measured in the complex contexts in which they have to find their way,” he said.

Lobato: “We are at a turning point”

Madrid’s socialists do not shirk their responsibility in the presentation they will debate this weekend in which they acknowledge their “inaction” and the “endogamous spiral” that has caused a “social disconnection” that has led to such severe punishment. “We are at that turning point in which we have taken note,” explained the secretary general of the PSOE-M, Juan Lobato. Although in Ferraz they find it difficult for this new leadership to be able to snatch the Puerta del Sol from Ayuso in the next regional elections and see a project six years from now, he has tried to give his people hope: “We have a giant challenge: 18 months, 80 weeks, 555 days to change this region. ”

Lobato has had words for his rival in the primaries, the mayor of Fuenlabrada, Javier Ayala, and also for the former secretary general, José Manuel Franco, who resigned after the fiasco in the Madrid elections. And, despite the fact that it intends to make an amendment to the totality of what the Madrid PSOE has become, away from power since 1995, it has vindicated the legacy: “When we have electoral and management successes, this party is aware and recognizes that to have these electoral and management successes there have been other stages in which we have had a bad time and acknowledges that in those stages there were colleagues who kept the flag up in those complex times. ”

The also recently released spokesman in the Madrid Assembly has charged against Ayuso, whom he has accused of “confronting” the Government of Sánchez and other regional executives. “He is dedicated to looking for enemies outside or inside, where necessary,” he said in reference to the battle he has waged against Casado for the power of the Madrid PP. “We do not deserve this government,” said Lobato, who has given as an example that “it leaves public services aside, that it is not interested in the equality of women, that it withdraws funds to the fight against gender violence or that puts civil and social rights at risk for negotiating budgets. ”


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