April 18, 2021

"If the tax relief has been done according to the law, they do not have to fear"

"If the tax relief has been done according to the law, they do not have to fear"

From the associations of parents of students of concerted schools they reject that this "threat" of Montero is going to mean anything in practice because all the donations are "totally legal" and have been made "according to the Law of patronage" "It is another probe balloon to demonize two days before the registration deadline in many autonomous communities," Pedro José Caballero, president of the National Catholic Confederation of Parents and Parents of Students (Concapa), told this newspaper. "Are legal, non-profit, altruistic and no consideration has been received, "he added.

"We want to transmit calm and calm to parents. We think that the Government's response has been adjusted exactly to what the law says. There has not been a different interpretation or any contribution that exceeds what is included in the standard. There has been a excessive alarm with this news, but we must bear in mind that the practice of the tax agency has not changed, "said José María Alvira, general secretary of Catholic Schools.

This one too has reassured parents and has ensured that "the general policy is not going to change": "If the tax relief has been done according to the conditions that the law regulates, they do not have to fear". He also highlighted "three clear ideas": "One thing is the fees that parents pay for dining room or extracurricular activities and another is donations. These are legal as long as they are not intended for games covered by the concert, such as teaching English or mathematics. But another thing is that they are legal and tax-deductible: if they are done voluntarily and there is no direct consideration, they would be ".


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