If the return statement comes back to me, when will I charge?

If the return statement comes back to me, when will I charge?


The 18-19 Income campaign began on April 2 and will last until July 1. Until that day, taxpayers have term to render accounts with the Treasury. This year the Treasury expects some 20.35 million taxpayers to make the declaration. Of them, at 14.31 million will be lucky to get the rent to return. According to the estimates of the Tax Agency, the Treasury is expected to return a total of 10,468 million euros. To be one of the lucky ones, you have to be aware of the boxes of the declaration.

But when does the Hacienda return the money? The truth is that 48 hours after the start of the campaign, the agency has already started paying the money to the taxpayers. In fact, they can see the status of your statement on the same website or mobile application of the Tax Agency. They can do it through the electronic DNI, the PIN code or the reference number that the Agency assigns to each one.

Now, although the Treasury began to pay from the second day after the beginning of the campaign, the truth is that it is normal to receive the money later. In fact, the Treasury has a term of six months from July 1 to return the money to taxpayers. If it were to exceed that period, the Treasury would have to pay with a late interest. Even so, it is normal to receive the money within a month if the statement has been submitted through the draft.

However, it may also be that the money takes longer to be returned. Specifically, if the return exceeds 3,000 euros, The Treasury usually takes longer to do complementary checks of the data presented by the taxpayer.


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