"If the parties cannot ask, the best thing is to leave it"

"The PP lost the government for not stopping corruption and we arrived with the flag of regeneration. We have asked questions. If the parties cannot ask questions, it is best to leave it. Citizens should ask themselves if they have to throw the information to a paper bin". This is how the former general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has justified in an interview in La Sexta the internal investigation process when in the summer of 2021 the party leadership received documentation that supposedly indicated the payments received by Isabel's brother Díaz Ayuso from a company that has contracted with the Government of Madrid.

Anti-corruption opens an investigation into the mask contract that Ayuso's brother charged

Anti-corruption opens an investigation into the mask contract that Ayuso's brother charged

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These internal investigations (not "espionage", he assured) have led to an internal war which has ended with his resignation and the imminent end of Pablo Casado's mandate at the head of the party. A president who, Egea has said, "has not hesitated to put his position at risk to defend his principles." "That we have not done anything wrong is obvious. Everyone knows it," he added. "I hope that the new management continues to work along the same lines", he pointed out.

Egea has insisted that the war for control of the PP in Madrid started after he himself asked Díaz Ayuso about the documentation received, in August 2021. "No president pressed to advance the calendar," he said about the fight of Ayuso for being elected president of the party in the region. "She asked for it when we started asking about her brother," he added. Last week he was more explicit when he said that Ayuso wanted to "shield himself" behind the initials.

"We expected to receive explanations, as we have tried to receive in other cases with information of this type," he said. But those explanations did not arrive until last Friday, with the press conference of two of Ayuso's advisers and the official statement signed by the president herself and in which it is expressly recognized that his brother received 55,850 euros for some masks imported from China, although without detailing three other payments from the company.

But these explanations, plus those that Ayuso gave to Casado in a meeting held at the party headquarters on Génova street in Madrid, are enough. Egea has described them as "forceful". "I wish and hope that those explanations are true," she said. "I believe the president of the Community of Madrid", she added, to insist: "I wish that all the information that has reached us is false. I wish it and I believe it".

García Egea presented his resignation this Tuesday afternoon, after 48 hours of a relentless trickle of desertions among those related to Pablo Casado, and pointed out by the majority of the leaders, regional and national, as one of the main responsible for the very serious internal crisis that has ended with the mandate of Casado.

The former leader has indicated that he has resigned to allow a "transition" in the direction of the PP. "To give members a voice and get some air," he added. "The president who is elected will have my backing and support," he said.

Regarding the future president of the PP, he has left the door open for more than one candidate to be presented, when all eyes point to Alberto Núñez Feijóo. If this were the case, and the former secretary general has estimated the probability that there is more than one option at "7.5" out of ten, primaries would have to be held among all the militants. This was the case in 2018. And Pablo Casado did not win them. It was Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, but in the second congressional round (with delegates from each territory), Casado brought together the votes of the delegates who rejected the former vice president.

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