May 10, 2021

“If the national direction does not annul the congress of the PP of Seville, I go to the court”

Juan Ávila assures that he is not a bad loser, and that if he continues in the fight to denounce irregularities in the presidential elections, the PP of Seville is for the affiliates. For this reason, he “earnestly” asks the national leadership of his party to call off the congress, while accepting a conciliation list like the one that was agreed, with the two candidates at 50%, Virginia Pérez as President and he as Secretary General. And he defends Juan Manuel Moreno tooth and nail, “whoever questions him makes a historic mistake.”

Virginia Pérez, the candidate from Genoa, wins the PP Congress in Seville

Virginia Pérez, the candidate from Genoa, wins the PP Congress in Seville

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Is it reaffirmed that we are facing the greatest electoral fraud in the history of the PP in Seville?

What I am saying is that the results neither do justice nor are they real with respect to the massive support of almost 80% of the province for my candidacy. I know how to lose, but what I am not going to settle for is that this defeat is not explained. Both the regional and national leadership of the PP must purge the information of the irregularities that we have been resorting to throughout the process.

And couldn’t it be that he believed he had support that at the moment of truth have not been converted into votes?

Man, what I’m seeing is that almost 500 votes have been taken from us. Removed. Some because they have not been able to pay because they blocked the party’s account, others because having paid they have been removed from the census … We are facing manifest irregularities, and there have been them throughout the process. This is no longer a personal matter for being president, I want justice to be done with the affiliates because their rights have been restricted.

This is no longer a personal matter because I am president, I want justice to be done with the affiliates

But the complaints that have been filed since his candidacy have so far not received support from either the Guarantee Commission or the organizing committee.

Well, but one of the appeals rejected by the organizing committee itself has been validated by two judges. In other words, there are already two judicial decisions that are giving us the reason and that are endorsing those affiliates who could not pay their quota and who had total and absolute authorization to vote. However, that was not taken into account. Therefore, if this does not happen with the seriousness that it should be, we will go to court, so that a judge can say if the members have had their rights respected.

Have you received a message from the regional executive that the time has come to stop?

No, I think that the regional, which is what the national should also have done, has always remained impartial. I asked the president for permission to present my candidacy, to the general secretary and also to the general secretary of the party, Teodoro García Egea, with which I think I fulfilled my procedure. The other candidate, however, did not do it and convened a provincial congress without having the authorization of the regional one, with which this is already born badly.

Do you think that the national executive has not been impartial in this process?

At this point, what does seem surprising to me is that the national executive even sent people to supervise or block the accounts, that another team sent to make visible how the day was spent at the polls … I have asked many colleagues from other provinces and this case has never occurred, nor has there been the convening of security people in each headquarters. This is all very confusing.

I ask you the question again: do you think the national executive has not been impartial?

Man, if I’m honest in that sense, I don’t want to believe it. What is true is that when an agreement was reached to integrate the two lists, that agreement was not carried out later. So there I have seen how Genoa should have insisted, it had to have been demanding with the other candidate for that agreement to be fulfilled. However, it was not fulfilled. By that agreement, she was president and I was secretary general and the lists were integrated to 50%, I gave the go-ahead because I understood that it was the best for the party.

Are there negotiations now to try to resume this agreement?

I have always said that I am a person of dialogue and that he likes consensus, it is not my style to get along with colleagues. And I keep saying that I accept the pact that was established with the regional and national leadership. Now, another pact that tries to transfer the numbers from last Saturday, which is what the other candidacy intends, would not accept it because the numbers are not real, a revision would have to be made. That is why I urge the national leadership to call off Congress, to analyze the irregularities, to see if there are criteria for voidability, to at least give us the opportunity to show all these irregularities. And that we reach an agreement, but a real agreement that brings together all the affiliates of one party and another, we cannot accept that it is not 50%.

If Virginia Pérez is the candidate of the national leadership and you of the regional one, your defeat leaves the Andalusian president in a bad place, right?

I believe that things are being magnified here. Here Juanma Moreno does not lose nor does Juan Ávila lose. Well, I will say that I have lost an election if in the end everything is considered correct. What is true is that from the first moment Virginia Pérez has been sheltered by Genoa.

And you covered by the regional …

No, I have not had any support from the regional. I say it again, the regional has remained impartial in this process.

But there have been members of the regional who have supported him publicly.

But they are colleagues who want a change and have all the right in the world to participate in that change, but that does not mean they have to represent what the regional leadership is. What is clear is that there has been a candidate who has pushed forward with a congress that the regional one had not authorized and yet the national one did.

Everything that is tarnishing the figure of Juanma Moreno seems to me a nonsense, it is not very correct and illogical that an attempt is made to generate this war between Pablo Casado and Juanma Moreno

Does this in the end convey the feeling that Juan Manuel Moreno does not control the game?

Anything that is tarnishing the figure of Juanma Moreno seems to me a nonsense, it is not very correct and illogical that an attempt is made to generate this war between Pablo Casado and Juanma Moreno, it would not be successful on the part of the national. On the contrary, Juanma must be supported, Pablo Casado has a spring in him in Andalusia and I believe that as a colleague and as national president there is no other option, we must support him, help him and respect him. I do not understand nor will I ever understand that Madrid has to tell a regional president what candidate to put in a province, each regional president has to know what his teams are, what his people are. At this time, whoever questions Juanma Moreno is making a historic mistake.

Do you think that with the current provincial executive the PP will improve the results in a general election?

That team has been governing the PP in the province of Seville for four years and has worse results today than when it started. And it is evident that there is a crisis within the province itself, because there is a real and forceful division of the affiliates. If we have to value in politics whether or not to continue with a project, it is with the results, and the results in Seville are worse than when Virginia Pérez came to preside over the party. That is why I propose that everyone be allowed to vote and whoever wins, wins. I will accept the result if the national leadership, in the face of irregularities and to prevent us from going to court, decides to repeat the vote and for everyone to vote without having to keep up to date with the quotas, with everyone in the census accordingly. clean.

So, if the congress is not annulled, does it go to court?

Man, of course, if the national leadership does not annul the congress, I am going to court, obviously I am not going to let this pass because I am not going to lose my reputation and I am going to look like a liar. In life when I take a step forward I take it with all the consequences. If I am denouncing that irregularities are taking place, those irregularities must be clarified, either in the party organs or in the courts, because then I would be like I am a bad loser, and no. There is something that is fundamental for me, which are the affiliates and here the affiliates have had their rights restricted, there has even been humiliating treatment in the voting themselves … I want to defend the affiliate’s right and that’s what I’m going for to do.

If the Regional Guarantee Committee does not accept your demands, would you throw in the towel?

If the regional says specifically that there are no signs of irregularity, of course I would go home, because then everything we are talking about would not make sense.

What if the regional Guarantee Committee appreciates irregularities and then the national says no?

Well, I would move on. I have a lot of respect and trust in my regional leadership.

Why haven’t you called Virginia Pérez to congratulate her?

I have not called her because we were meeting for an appointment to discuss the Madrid agreement and she stood me up. She alludes that it was because of the audio she heard, for which I have apologized, but I am not the type of person who uses a private audio in a group of exalted and hot colleagues with indignation, if that happened, the parties would all be dynamited in five minutes. If what they want is to deteriorate my image, the one they are deteriorating is that of the party. And I haven’t called her because she hasn’t played fair.


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