June 16, 2021

“If the militants decide to have a Ferrari, there will be a pilot”

The vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León and Citizen militant, Francisco Igea, has made a simile between the situation of the orange party and Formula 1 by saying that political formation needs “a great car” and that “if the militants decide have a Ferrari, there will be a pilot. “

Before participating in a meeting with militants in a coffee shop in Salamanca, Igea has attended the media, where he has answered the question of whether he will present himself to the election to lead Citizens, to which he has said that until now “it was not a people debate. “

“Now when we have the result of the votes of the groups it is time to see if indeed that feeling that we think is a majority and that the person who has already announced his candidacy says: I am willing to collect the feelings of the militants or I am not willing to feel this feeling of the militants, “he said.

“I think that the most reasonable thing for everyone is that we sit down, see the results, talk and see how we transfer what has happened in the congress groups, and for that what we have to do is sit down and talk,” he continued.

“We have a great driver but we need a great car. About Fernando Alonso, it’s not the same as giving him a Ferrari, a Mclaren or a Honda. And if we want a Ferrari, if we have a Ferrari, if the militants decide to have a Ferrari , there will be a pilot, “he said.

Previously, in the same meeting with the press, he regretted that Citizens have a system that “favors the absence of self-criticism”, in addition to accusing the formation of “hyper-leadership” and “lack of debate when making critical strategic decisions “.

For Francisco Igea, it is an “undemocratic” party that needs to be “freer, in which it can be debated without fear” and is confident that the amendment it promotes serves so that militants can “make decisions” and that charges may “be held accountable.”

On the results of the amendment obtained so far in the delegations, the politician from Valladolid has said that they have been “very good” and that “he has won in the largest group in Catalonia, in Sarria”, as well as in “many groups” of Madrid and Barcelona or elsewhere in Malaga or Murcia, has set an example.


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