"If the Levante considers that there has been undue alignment that defends its rights"

"If the Levante considers that there has been undue alignment that defends its rights"

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has not wanted to enter into controversy over the presumed alignment of Barcelona against Levante. Thus, when asked about the matter during the signing of collaboration with the Superliga de China, Thebes has assured: "I know what I have read in the press, nothing more. Each one defends his rights. If the Levante considers that there has been an improper alignment that defends its rights, But I do not know. It is not a simple legal issue. Levante has good lawyers and Barcelona too, "said Tebas. On whether these "misplaced" in the alignments can harm the image of the League, Thebes was clear about it. "I do not know if it damages the image or not. There are administrative rules for playing sports matches and rules. In the administrative areas, many aspects must be taken into consideration. As I do not know the exact case or where the fault may be or not, if there is. Yes it is true that it has been talking for a long time that you have to put a record of sanctions so that people can consult, but that all clubs are doing. Therefore, there may be interpretation in consideration. Maybe Barcelona considered that they could play and Levante could not. They have to discuss it, "he added.

Chinese League

On the other hand, Thebes, expressed his desire to contribute to the Chinese league is the sixth best in the world and that the Spanish "is the second" in the Asian country, after signing the agreement with the Chinese Super League to develop football .

"We seek to be the second league in China, they bring us experience of knowing Chinese football, the growth of the Chinese Super League is spectacular in recent years and for us it is a strategic element to place us in China as a second league there", affirmed the president.

In that event, which was also present the secretary general of the Asian competition, Dong Zheng, Tebas considered very important that both parties exchange knowledge for it, as the Chinese league "shared management experience with the most important leagues in the world "and he has paid a lot of attention" to the growth of Spanish football in recent years. "

"What we are working on is what is the Chinese league in Spain, we will touch on all our experience in the digital world and we will talk about the marketing issue both in Spain and outside of Spain, contributing to the dreams of the president of Superliga China, Li Yivi, to participate in a World Cup and to be able to raise the World Cup some day ", added the president of LaLiga.

Tebas also spoke in a joking tone about the possibility that some game of the Spanish competition will be played in China, after his failed attempt for the Girona-Barcelona of the next day 26 was played in the United States. "The game in China is not yet thought, first we have to play the match in Miami," he said.

There was also time to talk about the possible arrival of Morata at Atlético de Madrid. "That Morata comes to the League seems great to me. He is a great player who would contribute a lot to our competition. That I go to Atlético de Madrid I do not know anymore. I know that Atlético de Madrid, like other clubs, has the adjusted salary limit and will know what they have to do to be able to incorporate "concluded Tebas.


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