'If the fish spoke ...' activates environmental awareness at school concerts

The season of school and family concerts of the Fundación Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria and the DISA Foundation, which celebrates its 28th edition this year, presents this week the show If the fish speak ... A montage with original idea, text and direction Scenic by Sandra Santa Cruz, which constitutes a proposal for environmental awareness that aims to sensitize the school public about the conservation of the fragile balance of the seabed.

The family concert, the third symphonic nature of the cycle, is scheduled for next Saturday February 27 at the Sala Gabriel Rodó, headquarters of the OFGC in the Plaza de la Música, and will feature a performance by the Philharmonic Orchestra directed by Isabel Rubio, who debuts with the front of the formation

This concert is performed for the first time with the Philharmonic Orchestra, in the line of promoting the programming of educational concerts by premieres and the renewal of the repertoire with which it has been working to date, in its almost three decades.

Barrionuevo and Haydn

If the fish spoke ... it has Saulo Valerón as a musician-pedagogical advisor and the didactic guide of Sandra Santa Cruz. The cast of protagonists includes the actress and dancer Sandra Santa Cruz, the actors Cristo Quintana and Juani Santana, and the dancers Jaime Santana and Ilenia Hernández.

The show is illustrated with the music of the composer Juan Barrionuevo, lyrics by Juan Luis Santa Cruz and Sandra Santa Cruz and orchestration by Eduardo Purriños. Also, fragments of Symphony No. 101 The Clock, by Haydn can be heard.

The production is carried out by the Pedagogical Service of the Fundación Orquesta Filarmónica de Gran Canaria, and the Sandra Santa Cruz Dance Center.

If the fish spoke ... it is part of the SLPH Program, a pioneering initiative that was born in the Canary Islands, transversal to education, culture and the environment, created in defense of the marine world. It consists of a musical, a story, educational workshops and awareness events.

"The grandfather is extremely concerned because the irresponsible behavior of humans endangers our life, and that of the fish." In this way, and with this reflection, the plot of the pedagogical montage begins. If the fish spoke ... "In the sea, with Neptune's tridents they clean the seabed, however ... the garbage does not stop falling! Colonel Sharp Sword, the wise turtle Dña. Paciencia, Alegría or the fearsome D. Canino among others, collaborate to save their world. The Blue Beauty sees grandfather as an accomplice to try to make that rare species that lives out of the water ... understand that, for the good of all, they have to change their behavior! "

Tickets for the family function on Saturday 27, in the Gabriel Rodó room, are on sale at the price of 5 euros through the web: www.ofgrancanaria. The locations are numbered according to covid protocols.


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