October 29, 2020

If the confinement has ended your car, these may interest you

The more than two months that the cars have been stopped by the covid-19, together with the now intensive use to which some will subject them to avoid contagions on public transport, will cause many vehicles not to arrive in the summer.

According to industry experts, this “new normal” will make drivers look for small cars, with just enough equipment and contained power, since they mainly want them to go to their jobs.

Payments deferred until December, discounts of up to 33% for warehouse units or monthly letters that are calculated with what it costs per day to move by public transport (4-5 euros round trip) are the claims of the different brands.

To facilitate the search, we review the current offer of urban models, which are mostly in the vicinity of 3.70 meters long, which are committed to five doors and gasoline, and which move on the threshold of 10,000 -11,000 euros (including discounts) if financed:

– Citroën C1: this five-door 3.46 meters long is highly customizable, it is only available with a 72 HP gasoline engine and, from 10,890 euros, it includes manual air conditioning, alloy wheels and rear camera (free) .

– Dacia Sandero: space of four meters long, five doors and 75, 90 and 100 hp gasoline engines, and 95 hp diesel, for the Romanian best seller that is offered from 8,220 euros (there is another for 7,700 euros that is missing almost everything), a price at which you have to add 690 euros to have air conditioning (it comes in a package that includes radio and navigation)

– Fiat Panda and 500: Italian urban duet. The first with five doors, 69 hp and 3.63 meters long is for sale from 7,675 euros (it equips standard air, 340 euros costs to convert it into automatic air conditioning and 50 euros that there are three rear headrests and belts for everyone). The flirtatious Fiat 500 is a 3-door 70 HP light hybridization (Eco Label) that is for sale from 9,280 euros with manual air conditioning.

– New Hyundai i10: From 10,650 euros (the previous one is offered from 9,040 euros) and 3.67 meters long (with five doors, we can get a unit with a 67 HP gasoline engine with alloy wheels, light sensor, audio equipment with 8-inch central screen and bluetooh, parking camera, manual climate control and driving assistants

– Kia Picanto: Five doors, 3.59 meters long, 67 hp, air conditioning, light sensor, audio with bluetooh, bumpers, exterior body color handles and mirrors, steel wheels and a price from 8,600 euros. For 2,000 euros more – on the average of its competitors – is the GT Line finish.

– Mitsubishi Space Star: The largest in the urban segment (3.84 meters long) and the second most powerful (80 hp) is priced from 10,650 euros, which includes air, front and rear electric windows, bluetooh, cruise control, light and rain sensors, alloy wheels, heated and adjustable exterior mirrors and tinted rear windows.

– Peugeot 108: the brand defines it as a 3.47 meter stylish urbanite, which is powered by a 72 hp gasoline engine. The starting price on the web is 12,590 euros with the Allure finish (speed limiter, 15 alloy wheels and manual air conditioning

– Renault Twingo: the French manufacturer offers from 10,253 euros an access version (Intens) with a 75 HP gasoline engine and that leaves the factory with manual air conditioning, DAB radio with USB socket, speed limiter or rear wing … Everything in 3.61 meters and 5 doors

– Seat Mii: the small of the Spanish brand (3.55 meters long) is for sale from 9,990 euros with an ECO motor (68 HP of natural gas) with automatic climate control, rain, light and parking sensors, cruise control and telephone integration.

– Suzuki Ignis: from 13,070 euros, all-terrain aesthetics in 3.70 meters and five doors, 90 HP (the most powerful on the list), manual air conditioning, audio with touch screen, central locking, rear view camera, assistance to the braking and 16-inch alloy wheels

– Toyota Aygo: from 9,900 euros, the Japanese expert in hybrids offers us a gasoline of 72 CV, 3.46 meters and 5 doors that carries 15-inch alloy wheels in bi-tone or 7-inch multifunction screen with integration of mobile.

Javier Millán Jaro


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