"If the agrarian restrictions are not complied with, they must abide by the consequences"

The Minister of Sustainable Development of Castilla-La Mancha has confirmed this Tuesday that the origin of the fire declared yesterday Cerezo de Mohernando (Guadalajara) had "agrarian origin" after the investigation carried out by the Forest Fire Investigation Brigades (BIIF) of the Corps of Environmental Agents of Castilla-La Mancha and of the SEPRONA agents of the Civil Guard. Agricultural tasks were being carried out in the area when the fire broke out.

It was produced during the harvesting work in the area at a time when it had been recommended to avoid both agricultural and livestock activity.

José Luis Escudero has traveled this Tuesday to the Advanced Command Post (PMA) of the Cerezo de Mohernando fire, a district of Humanes in Guadalajara in which a fire was declared yesterday that, so far, has burned 1,800 hectares.

"Due to the high temperatures, the strong gusts of wind, it spread right away," he explained, through the foot of a mountain in the town. During the morning the extinguishing teams work at the head of the fire. "We have a flank of about three and a half kilometers between Copernal and Espinosa de Henares that is still active."

The fire that remains at level 2 of danger and to which the Military Emergency Unit (UME) joined yesterday "is close to a copse area," according to Escudero. It is in that area that the troops "are now struggling to perimeter it", after the work carried out throughout the night in the area.

Espinosa de Henares was evicted and 112 people were sheltered in a camp in Jadraque. Copernal was also evicted and the neighbors have spent the night in Hita. At this time, one in the afternoon, it will be decided whether they can return to their homes after being evicted "as a precaution". Escudero explained that there is no damage to the houses.

Ten notices in a single day: "Negligence is putting us in serious trouble"

Yesterday there were up to 10 fire notices throughout the region and seven of them, said the counselor, "with a complex incident that put the INFOCAM Plan device in check." José Luis Escudero wanted to leave a "clear message" of warning today.

“Neither the high temperatures nor the low humidity of the vegetation nor the wind give us respite” these days and that is why he was blunt: “Negligence is putting us in serious trouble. I do not want to criminalize anyone, but there are those who still put in check those who risk their lives in the fires.

#IFHumans an hour ago, the PAVESAS, make the fire advance quite fast. Let's hope he hasn't caught fire, these situations are very dangerous.

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He recalled that the measures are "clear" since last Saturday. In fact, they were published in the Official Gazette of the region to establish restrictions on livestock and agricultural tasks. These are “extraordinary fire prevention measures” until August 1. The use of agricultural machinery is limited in the central hours of the day, specifically from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. due to the high risk of forest fires spreading, as stated in the Forest Fire Potential Spread Index (IPP) in the counties where said index indicates an extreme risk.

"We are going to be very firm in that they are fulfilled" and has once again asked that this type of work be avoided. "We approve them so that they are fulfilled, not so that we turn a deaf ear," she said.

“I am vehement and categorical. If the restrictions are not complied with, the consequences of their irresponsibility are followed”, he warned, asking that “we not get used to giving figures of hectares burned day by day. Among them there are also crops and livestock farms in addition to the ecological loss in the natural environment that affects us all.

6,000 hectares burned in one day

He recalled that in Ciudad Real there were four fires. Between Saceruela and Almadén, 1,800 hectares of the regional public forest 'Los Esquilotes' have been burned and the fire also affected two private farms. "They are trying to control a very narrow but intense flank."

Minutes after this fire yesterday, another one was declared in the Lagunas de Ribera National Park that has already been stabilized. It was necessary to evict nine people from their homes and they were relocated to the camping site in the area. 400 hectares have burned.

In addition, the Malagón fire is "the one that worries the most", in which a possible livestock origin is being investigated. It was divided up into three flanks. "We act in the tail, near Los Cortijos and in the head near the district of Valdehierro" and they hope that it does not jump the road that connects the town with Los Ballesteros and Los Cortijos. “Works have been favorable overnight. The orography has complicated them”.

In fact, due to the dispersion of the homes, nine families from Las Povedillas who spent the night in Valdehierro and 30 more from Los Cortijos who were housed in family homes had to be evicted. In Malagón the condition is already around 2,800 hectares.

In Fuente El Fresno, 69 hectares have been burned and in Sartajada, in the province of Toledo, another 70. The fire in Castillo de Bayuela could have been extinguished. This Tuesday another fire has been declared in the province of Toledo, in Robledo del Mazo.

In total there are now 70 media, 15 aerial, and about 370 people working on the fires. The balance since yesterday is 6,500 hectares affected.

During his work there were two incidents yesterday. A helicopter that was working on the Humanes fire collided with an electrical cable and fell, although without consequences for the pilot who emerged unharmed and was transferred to the Guadalajara Hospital where he awaits discharge. In the Almadén fire, a member of the operation provided by Extremadura was injured and he was transferred to the Puertollano Hospital. He has already been discharged.

There are still several roads closed due to the situation of the fires: In Cerezo the fire is still at level 2 and at level 1 of danger are both those of Ruidera and Malagón in Ciudad Real and in Sartajada, in Toledo. The Madrid-Soria railway line, which was affected yesterday by the fire in the district of Humanes, is now operating normally.

The counselor has thanked the work of all the troops as well as the support to other administrations by providing various means from the communities of Madrid, Castilla y León and Extremadura. He has also thanked the help of the Government of Spain, councils, municipalities, Civil Protection and the Red Cross.

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