July 9, 2020

"If someone has found it offensive, I apologize"

The young rapper talks about the famous video that has gone around the world and about his role as a jury in the International Final of the Red Bull Battle of the Roosters 2019

A gesture, a word, a photo, a video. An action, a consequence. In certain social spheres, a daily act can translate into an immediate, fulminating sentence; being in focus has its disadvantages, and if not, ask them to Arkano, which has been criticized and fake news for a promotional video in which he acts but does not act: the artist bites a girl's buttock as a marketing tool for a song and the toll has been the direct catapult to the epicenter of the media seism.

The message: "What I was looking for with the preliminary photos and videos and with the video clip is to reflect on the success values ​​that we inherit in our society." The story: "I wanted to criticize when men make us look for women as a trophy, as an object. There are many videos of men who fuck of all those who have fucked. Criticism goes around." The forgiveness: "If someone considers that the act of representing this criticism is offensive, from here I apologize, especially to the girls, who are the ones who suffer this."

His role as judge in the last International Final of the Battle of the Red Bull Roosters came preceded by a few pleasant moments with the media. Those who, for Arkano, they have more influence than the battles to configure the collective imaginary: "You think how many people form their opinions through the news, and what is much worse, through the headline of the news," explains the artist. But these also make mistakes, and the erroneous information that revolved around the video was noted: "In the end, we all make mistakes, but it is a humility lesson; You are always looking at who is the first to give news and sometimes basic mistakes are made, such as not contrasting the source. But I think it's a nice message at the end, a lesson in humility. "

The same day of the event José Enrique Abuín, aka "The Chewing Gum", was declared by the popular jury guilty of kidnapping, murder and sexual assault, not abuse. The news caught the artist in leather, who was not aware of the fact due to the media bubble first caused by his famous marketing campaign and secondly for his role as a jury in the Red Bull event. “I don't have an opinion about the permanent prison revisable”Arkano said about it.

Regarding his role in the international, he said he felt "very free" because "he had not seen battles for a long time." It was his first time in this competition (as a participant he battled multiple times, crowning himself champion in 2016) as a jury and he does not think about returning in the short term: “They come to me as impulses, but really, if I am honest with myself, I don't miss it"

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