Fri. Nov 15th, 2019

If my information on the electoral roll is not correct, what should I do?

Before going to vote for the second general elections Spanish of this 2019, it is advisable to check the electoral census to see if data of the elector are correct or are they ok corrected.

The Provincial Delegations of the Electoral Census Office they must keep the updated census available to interested parties for permanent consultation, which can be done through the Town Halls, Consulates or in the Provincial Delegation itself. If when going to check that data, it is detected mistakes, must claim before the Provincial Delegations of the Electoral Census Office, which are obliged to resolve complaints within a period of five days.

Representatives of the candidacies or representatives of the parties, federations and coalitions can also challenge the census in the constituencies where there has been a significant and unjustified increase in residents. On election day, the closed census the first day of the second month prior to the call, but the consultation may continue during eight days, from the sixth day after the call for elections.

Delegations will resolve complaints within five days

These queries can be made by informational media, prior identification of the interested party, or through exposure to the public of the electoral lists. Within this period, any person may formulate a claim addressed to the Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office on their census data, although only those referring to the rectification of errors in personal data, changes of address within the same constituency or the non-inclusion of the claimant in any Census Section of the constituency despite having the right to do so.

Likewise, the requests of the voters who oppose their inclusion in the copies of the electoral roll that are provided to the representatives of the candidacies to send postal mailings of electoral propaganda will be attended. Those reflecting a change of residence from one constituency to another, made after the closing date of the census for each election, must exercise their right in the section corresponding to their previous address.

The information on the census card

The Provincial Delegation of the Electoral Census Office, within three days, will resolve the claims submitted and will order the relevant rectifications, which will be exposed to the public on the seventeenth day after the call. The resolution adopted will be notified to each of the claimants and to the corresponding Town Halls and Consulates.

In order to have guarantees that a specific table and section may be voted on, the Electoral Census Office will send all voters a census card with the updated data of its registration in the electoral census and of the Section and Table in which it corresponds to vote, and it will also communicate to the affected voters the modifications of Sections, local or Tables.

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