If my father had been born in another country they would remember him more

If my father had been born in another country they would remember him more

The memory and the cultural legacy of Adolfo Marsillach have been claimed today by his daughter Blanca, who has criticized that Spain does not bet on preserving his figure, an end for which "you could do many more things", as it would have happened, to his understanding, if the actor had been born in another country, such as the United Kingdom.

Because, "of course, if Adolfo Marsillach were Sir Laurence Olivier, in the Royal Shakespeare Company they would have a tribute for him and they would have honored him", while in his country of origin "the National Classical Theater Company, which my father set up, to this day he has not done anything like that, "said the actress.

Blanca Marsillach has opined that this procedure is framed, in any case, in a way of acting proper to the Spanish, not only in relation to his father but to other people who have worked for the common good.

"It is true that we live in a country that is not England, that is not France, and in which we are not generous enough with our own people," he said.

A single exception has been made in this regard, qualifying that, unlike most of society and institutions, "the comrades, the actors, are very inclined to come to support" the initiatives that seek to maintain their footprint and make it survive in the weather.

Something that was clear, for example, "when it was the premiere of 'Between verses and Marsillach'", a montage that has served the actress to recover and update a work that his own father staged in 1997 as a tribute to the great poets of the Spanish Golden Age with Amparo Rivelles and María Jesús Valdés, through an adaptation sponsored by the Obra Social of La Caixa as part of its Senior Citizens program.

Precisely the presentation of what is already the 29th edition of this show has been the context in which Blanca Marsillach has made these statements to questions from journalists in the town of Moya, in Gran Canaria, where nine women and two men between 60 and 80 years will face the public this afternoon for the first time in their lives as its protagonists.

The objective of the proposal, in addition to helping to preserve the figure of the disappeared actor, is to promote a model of "active aging" by offering the greatest possible number of elderly people from all over the country the opportunity to abandon the stereotypes in which they are usually pigeonholed. age, assuming the challenge of trying new experiences and verifying that they are still capable of trying unknown things while they are still alive.


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