"If I have to declare because they implicate me, Fernández Díaz and probably Rajoy will also go"

The former number two of the Interior with the PP, Franciso Martínez, wrote a message on September 19, 2019 in which he warns the former Deputy Director of Operations of the National Police, Eugenio Pino, that if he has to "declare" why " It implies "Commissioner Enrique García Castaño" will also go "the former Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and" probably "the former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

Anticorruption links Cospedal with the Kitchen operation for affecting its "compromising material" that Bárcenas had

Anticorruption links Cospedal with the Kitchen operation because it was affected by the "compromising material" that Bárcenas had

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This is stated in the 52-page report in which the Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office asks the judge in the Villarejo case to cite to declare as accused to the person who was Minister of the Interior during the first term of Mariano Rajoy, and to María Dolores de Cospedal, former secretary general of the Popular Party, in the framework of the piece investigating the espionage of Luis Bárcenas with charge of reserved funds, one of the actions of the group of police commanders that made up the political brigade in the previous PP government.

Martínez sends this message after García Castaño implicated him in the operation in his statement before Judge Manuel García Castellón and when he saw that both his superiors in the Ministry of the Interior and in the party have left him "thrown away." It is in this context that it deposits in July 2019 in a Madrid notary's office four messages exchanged from his official phone with his boss at the time, Fernández Díaz, about the operation to monitor and monitor the surroundings of Bárcenas during the summer and fall of 2013, which began after the former treasurer entered jail and confessed the financing irregular PP.

Months before, in April 2019, after learning that he had been excluded from the lists for the general elections of April 2019 and that he lost his rating, Martínez went directly to Rajoy to move what he considers an "injustice" and ask him not to They “let him down” looking for another formula —for example, a deputy in the Madrid Assembly— for the “loyalty and commitment” shown. According to the report, there is no evidence that Rajoy, who had been out of politics for almost a year, answered him.

According to the messages in the case, the next day he wrote to the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, to whom he says that he has learned from information published in the newspaper El Mundo that neither he nor Fernández Díaz are going to be on any list electoral and regrets that there are "options" that could have spoken. Martínez assures that he is in that situation because he is "loyal and committed." “That is precisely why I got into this mess. For that and nothing else. Out of loyalty to the party, to Fernández Díaz and Rajoy. The same that would have the president and you, "he also points out in reference to Pablo Casado.

Martínez even wrote in June 2019 to the president of the National Court, José Ramón Navarro, to whom he said that his "great mistake" at the Ministry of the Interior was "being loyal" to "miserable" such as Fernández Díaz, Rajoy or Cospedal . “Of that, fortunately, I have everything very clear and very easy to prove. And I assure you that it is the last thing I wanted to do ”, he assures. And he adds: "I don't know if a president can continue to be a friend of an accused ... it is fatal."


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