July 26, 2021

"If Aristotle lived today, he would have Twitter"

Eduardo Infante is a personal coach of the mind who, in addition to teaching in Gijón, has written an exercise book to think about life and live thought. In «Philosophy in the street (Ariel)» it is questioned, for example, how to overcome a sentimental break or how to face the death of a loved one. But he does it in the manner of the Athenians, replacing the gyms and squares in which they philosophized by social networks in which the coconut squeezes its students, a territory where simplicity and ignorance are at ease. Here is a walker convinced that the path to happiness passes through freedom, an author who defends that the greatest wisdom is that of those who can look back and say they have been happy.

– Do we know how to think?

-Do not. Young people are not educated in critical thinking. In this society, the emotional is increasingly important, and in this way masses are generated in which the individual loses the ability to think for himself and becomes easily manipulated.

– Do we live in a childish world?

-Definitely. Political speeches, for example, show that they treat us as if we were children.

– Can philosophy be fun?

-Of course. Philosophy is a thinking about life and living thinking. And life has that ironic component. In fact, my students often laugh with me. – But, really, what is philosophy?

–The exercise of thought to seek freedom. What is the use of freedom of expression without freedom of thought?

– Is there philosophy on the street?

– Yes, it is increasingly outside the classroom, gaining new spaces. Doing philosophy on the street is not a matter of prostituting it and turning it into self-help or coaching. It is about raising the citizen's discourse, introducing the rules of rational dialogue.

–And what saves us?

– Philosophy is an antidote against stupidity and manipulation.

– Is it useful or valuable?

– It is useless, but it has value. Useful knowledge makes us competent, while valuable ones allow us to better understand the world and get closer to good, beauty and truth. Only when you think freely can you live freely.

– Do you think we are free?

– There are those who make the effort to think freely, but there are those who care more about having a strong body. In any case, the path to happiness passes through freedom.

– To what extent do social networks stunt our minds?

– There is an interest for young people to be incompetent in their way of thinking. Social networks generate speeches that lead to simplicity, and that is worrisome.

–Aristóteles would have Twitter?

– Yes, because he considered that man is a social being by nature.

– What if politicians were philosophers?

– We would do better, since philosophers care about the common good, not the staff or partisan.

– Is there a philosopher in each of us?

– The attitude that the little boy always had that we were to be astonished at the unknown, to be indignant at the injustice and to marvel at the beauty is that of the philosopher.

– What is the use of knowing?

-To be happy.

– What does the person who knows most know?

–You know what justice is. And from there you will discover happiness. The greatest wisdom is that of those who can reach the end of their days and attest that the life they have led is that of those who did what they wanted, in the search for freedom, truth and beauty. That is, those who can look back and say they have been happy.

–Filosofar has more to do with asking than responding. What is the fundamental question that human beings should ask themselves?

– What can I get to know? What can I expect? What should I do?

– What would you ask God?

– What is the meaning of life.

– As a teacher, is education the main problem in Spain?

-Of course. Education, freedom and democracy are totally related. Corruption, lack of understanding, tension, inability to reach agreements … are the reflection of our society. Education in Spain is a political issue, not of the State. It should be everyone's and not a specific party.

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