"If all goes well, we promise that Circo del Sol will be in Gran Canaria for many years"

"If all goes well, we promise that Circo del Sol will be in Gran Canaria for many years"

The Circus of the Sun (Cirque du Soleil) will arrive in Gran Canaria from August 12 to 20 with 9 functions. The Canadian company will bring its show 'OVO', a fable about insects, to the Gran Canaria Arena. Present at the presentation were the president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Antonio Morales; the mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Augusto Hidalgo; and the executive director of Mundosenti2, Lorenzo Pérez.

The commitment to Gran Canaria is total on the part of the prestigious circus company. Lawrence Perez, CEO of Mundosenti2, the company that collaborates with Circo del Sol, stated that "if everything goes as we hope, we promise to stay here on the island for many years." Pérez pointed out that they feel "connected with Gran Canaria in mission and values".

For the Circo del Sol, another of the highlights of Gran Canaria is its internationalization and its space. "It is a source of content, premium family entertainment guarantees that the investment in infrastructure is returned to society." For this reason, the Gran Canaria Arena is a key part of the arrival of 'OVO' from Circo del Sol to the island. «Without the Arena, we probably wouldn't even have considered coming here.».

"While the GCA is open, we promise to be here, it is a place to bet," Pérez was honest. «We must value the Gran Canaria ArenaIt is key for us to have landed here and to bet together with the institutions to spend many years on the island, not only with 'OVO', but also with 'Alegría' or other shows”, he concluded.

On the other hand, Antonio Morales showed himself «very satisfied» for the arrival of the third assembly of the Circus of the Sun that will be represented in Gran Canaria. The meaning is "to show the origin of all natural beauty with an original assembly, costumes, music, acrobatics, dances...". The president of the Cabildo affirmed that “the Canadian company is not an exhibitionism of domination over animals, it is a whole discourse on art and on life.

"These days this spectacle about nature makes more sense than ever," Morales pointed out. In addition, he valued "the importance of the message that 'OVO' transmits, to promote this change in model for which we are committed."

Augusto Hidalgo also had words of thanks for Lorenzo Perez. «we are in luckwe had been wanting the Canadian company to establish itself in Gran Canaria for a long time”, the mayor began his speech at the Island Council.

Hidalgo recalled that the Circo del Sol had already come to the island twice, but "the idea was that a show of this type, with the powerful and international brand that the circus company has, is the possibility of having them as a driving force." All tourists who come will have «a reference with this show», clarified the mayor.


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