IESE invests 52 million euros to rejuvenate its campus

IESE invests 52 million euros to rejuvenate its campus


«We grow in Madrid», announced these days Franz Heukamp, ​​general director of the IESE. And it is that Madrid has always been a key location for the training of managers of business schools. The capital is the business center of southern Europe and the economic and political center of Spain. And the IESE Business School knows it. For this reason, it decided last year to strengthen its presence in Madrid with the construction of a new building, in which 52 million euros will be invested, and the launch of a new program, the «Master in Management»(MiM), aimed at recent graduates and young professionals.

According to Heukamp, ​​this commitment to the Madrid campus meets three objectives: to place IESE in the city as a center of excellence in the training of managers, increase the number of teachers and expand the training offer with the creation of new programs. The new campus, in addition to keeping all the programs underway -International Custom Programs, an area in which IESE "is a world leader-, will allow to increase the teaching and research activity in a 50 percent, and will provide a meeting space for more than 15,000 alumni from the capital, "he explains.

The new facilities, which will open in September 2020, will have four new classrooms, a multipurpose high-tech classroom and an auditorium for more than 500 people. In total, they will be built 16,300 square meters, with a parking of more than 300 seats in a landscaped environment of 6,000 square meters.

The new facilities will have 16,300 square meters and a parking of more than 300 seats

The new construction aims to achieve certification Read Gold, committing itself to the preservation of the environment and to ecological policies. To do this, we will work with the objective of facilitating the connections of the IESE campus with the city center in a sustainable manner. The expansion of the campus will also double the number of teachers, from 25 to 50, which will allow the development of new research, innovation and entrepreneurship projects.

Before the inauguration of the new building, the new "full-time" program will begin in English, the MiM -Master in Managment-, which will start in September 2019» Aimed at recent graduates and lasting one academic year, it is a great milestone for IESE and shows the commitment to meet the training needs in all stages of development of a manager ».

60 years old

Recently, the business school has celebrated its 60th anniversary since its foundation in Barcelona. It currently has campuses in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Munich, New York and Sâo Paulo. In addition, IESE has projects that allow it to offer training for managers in Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

During these 60 years of history, the school has trained more than 45,000 entrepreneurs and managers. His effort in the teaching field has been recognized by the Financial Times classification, which for the fourth consecutive year "has positioned IESE as the number one school in the world in managerial training programs".


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