Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

IES Valle los Nueve receives students from Italy, Sweden and Romania - The Province

IES Valle los Nueve receives students from Italy, Sweden and Romania - The Province

The Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria (IES) Valle los Nueve celebrates these days its II Cultural Week, a pedagogical activity that this course will allow to approach the creative projects and products entrepreneurs from the students of the center to their European project partners Erasmus Plus 'Young Entrepreneurs: the future of Europe'. So, this week students from Sweden, Romania and Italy, who visit the center as part of the activities programmed in the international project, will know the work of the educational center in terms of interculturality, equality, sustainability or Canarian contents, among others.

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The counselor of Education and Universities of the Government of the Canary Islands, Soledad Monzón, participated today in the days of the IES and congratulated the educational team for its "determined and firm" commitment to internationalization, which develops through three Eramus projects, two of them strategic partnership with other European centers, that is, from of work teams of students and teachers from different countries.

The projects of European associations 'International cooperation: improving the future' and 'Young entrepreneurs: the future of Europe' began last year at the Gran Canaria institute, allowing the educational community to develop educational activities together with centers in Poland, Cyprus, Iceland and Norway (in the case of the first) and Italy, Romania and Sweden (in the second case). These days, the students of the 'Young entrepreneurs' project celebrate their international meeting at the IES, where they develop the practical phase of their Eramus: creating and evaluating how to start up an entrepreneurial company, in this case tourism.

The head of Education visited the space where all the students participating in this initiative work throughout the week, with a parallel program to the Cultural Week that has included visits to institutions on the island, but also to companies of importance and places of main tourist interest, to evaluate the creation of its entrepreneurial entrepreneurial initiative.

"Strengthen international ties, improve foreign language skills and, all this linking it to the development of entrepreneurial projects with interdisciplinary teams and from different countries, is not only enriching at the educational level, but also represents a key experience for the personal and integral development of all the students, "said Soledad Monzón, who encouraged the students to continue" working collaboratively, not to lose contact and participate in as many opportunities as possible, so as not to lose sight of the international perspective in the projects that may be available. to undertake. "

On the other hand, during her visit to IES Valle los Nueve, Soledad Monzón met first hand the work of the educational networks of the center and its projects, more particularly the environment network (the center belongs to redECOS), Equality, of school libraries (BIBESCAN), ecological school gardens, or their service learning initiatives, of Canarian content (project EnSeñas) and of promotion of scientific vocations (STEAM).

In addition to the exhibition and sample of the student work, the II Cultural Week of the IES Valle los Nueve includes workshops and presentations by associations and experts, such as workshops against gender violence or pedagogical activities related to traditional Canarian crafts and cheese making.


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