Identify 50 new genes involved in eye color

Close-up of a woman's eyes

Close-up of a woman’s eyes

An international team of researchers led by King’s College London and the Rotterdam Erasmus University Medical Center has identified, in a study published in the journal ‘Science Advances’, 50 new genes for eye color.

In addition, and after analyzing 195,000 people in Europe and Asia, the team discovered that the color of the eyes in Asians with different shades of brown is genetically similar to the color of the eyes in Europeans, ranging from dark brown to light blue.

This study builds on previous research in which scientists had identified a dozen genes related to eye color, believing there were many more. Previously, scientists thought that the variation in eye color was controlled by only one or two genes, with brown eyes dominating over blue eyes.

“The findings are exciting because bring us one step closer to understanding of the genes that cause one of the most striking features of human faces, which has puzzled generations throughout our history. This will improve our understanding of many diseases that we know are associated with specific levels of pigmentation, “the experts have detailed.

Therefore, they continue, this study offers the genetic knowledge necessary to improve the prediction of eye color from DNA, as has already been applied in anthropological and forensic studies, but with limited precision for non-brown eye colors. nor blue.


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