Identified the man who spread the photo and personal data of the victim of La Manada | Society

Identified the man who spread the photo and personal data of the victim of La Manada | Society

Student demonstration against the ruling of the case of La Manada concentrated in the center of Barcelona, ​​last May. On video, the victim denounces the filtering of their personal data.

The court number 38 of Madrid has at its disposal the identity of the man who disseminated the photograph and personal data of the victim of The pack After agents of the Central Cybercrime Unit of the National Police managed to identify him, police sources have confirmed to the Efe agency. This is a man of 40 years who calls himself Eric, a resident of Barcelona, ​​a follower of the Legion and who used a neighbor's wifi to connect and humiliate the young woman, according to the digital edition of The newspaper.

The police sources have confirmed that this man was identified a long time ago and that, as soon as he verified that he had been, the agents gave an account of the results of their inquiries to the Madrid court that is handling the case, but they did not arrest the suspect.

The court that tried the events, which took place on the night of July 7, 2016 during the celebration of the Sanfermines, did not include in the sentence any personal data of the young woman who was sexually assaulted by five men, to which he was finally sentenced to 9 years of jail for sexual abuse. Shortly after the judgment was made public, the young woman denounced the dissemination of data personal and threatening messages in digital media and social networks.

After the complaint, the magistrate of the court of guard requested to the unit of ciberdelincuencia of the National Police that identified the authors of the messages supposedly threatening. Previously, several feminist groups denounced the "irresponsibility" of some media by publishing private information about the young woman. The entities pointed to at least two forums, among those that were the portal Forocoches and

Now, the individual located by the Police has become the first person responsible for filtering the victim's data. The judge in Madrid in charge of the case has issued an order of inhibition to be a magistrate of Barcelona who is in charge of the investigation.


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