Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

Identified 26 people involved in the Lyon incidents

Identificadas 26 personas implicadas en los incidentes del Lyon - Barça

The Barça announced on Monday that they have identified to 26 people involved in the incidents that took place in Lyon on the occasion of the eighth-finals match of the Champions League. Five are partners, nine are supporters and twelve are Barça fans. Pending the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, the club has blocked access to tickets and trips to these 26 people.

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In addition, the Barcelona unveiled the opening of a file with 747 partners by the cession of their personal data for the massive and fraudulent purchase of tickets, an activity that, according to the calculations of the club has supposed the loss of about 1.5 million euros. After the ordinary meeting of the board of directors, the spokesperson of the entity, Josep VivesHe explained that the club also rescinded the contract he had with three tour operators involved in the purchase and subsequent resale of these tickets.

The Barça figure in 1.5 million euros the economic damage by the 747 partners who gave their data

This action takes place one year after the sanction made to 2,821 members, who in the classic of the last course held at the Camp Nou ceded their subscriptions to a network that was dedicated to falsifying the tickets of that meeting. In the fraudulent activity discovered this season by the club, the methodology is different: the partners gave their personal data (access code and pin code) to third parties for the massive purchase of tickets, then sold to other fans. In this way, operators had access to thousands of tickets under conditions of price and very advantageous amounts, which allowed them to profit from the resale of the same.

"People are looking for other ways to avoid the fight against fraud. As far as we have been able to quantify, the action of the 747 partners on a continuous basis will have caused a loss of 1.5 million euros for the club, "Vives complained. Therefore, the penalty proposal, which will be immediately communicated to those involved, is considered "very serious" in the club's bylaws, which can lead to a suspension of four months to two years, and even the loss of the Partner status

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