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Wash the dishes, yes. As a family plan. It is knowingly proposed by the specialist in gaming pedagogy Imma Marin. "Within the abnormality, spending more hours at home with our children also has a positive side, let's take the opportunity and enjoy it. We can do with them all those things that we don't normally do due to lack of time, "says this gamification specialist, who offers a series of activities for all ages.

For example, that, lavar the dishes as a family. "It is something that normally we do not let them do, because they take a long time, because they leave everything lost, because it is not practical." Proposing them an activity that they are normally prohibited calls them a lot of attention, "reflects the professional, who suggests putting on the apron and make a chain (depending on the number of children or children in charge): one washes, another does quality service, to check that it turned out well €

The kitchen is one of the large spaces normally semi-prohibited for children that these days of forced confinement can give a lot of play (worth the redundancy). In addition, it is not usual for small children to eat one day each day at home with his parents; normally the older ones are at work and the children at school; so these days can be an opportunity not only to eat together, but also to cook together. From the daily lunch or dinner –think it, prepare it and, watch out, collect it all later- to recipes of those for exceptional moments: cakes, muffins, cookies € (on YouTube there are hundreds of video tutorials).

With a little sugar ...

Beyond the borders of the kitchen and without leaving home –this is the challenge-, "everything can be considered as an opportunity: feed the fish, water the plants, put a washing machine or even hang it. Children can be asked how they would lay it out, whether by the sleeves or underneath ... Do a little Mary Poppins and present it as an adventure, as a challenge, as something extraordinary, not as an obligation, "continues Marín .

These days are also an opportunity to empty the toy cabinets and discover games and dolls that they did not already know or had and that they will rediscover almost as if they were new, or to sit down at last! to read the instructions that game that the Kings brought and we liked it so much but we still hadn't had time to read and play. To play. Play all that "not today, which is not very long and we don't have time".

Toy Story wash tunnel in bathroom

In a two-for-one in the coronavirus era, Marín makes another proposal: take advantage of making a set-up of cars and dolls. Put them all in the bathtub and give them a good bath. "It is an entertaining and necessary activity that can take us an entire afternoon," says the professional, who also states that this is the great time for reading. For those who already know how to read and for adults to read who do not yet know. Or not only read, also tell stories. Why not write them down? These days will mark History and the little ones are being protagonists; write a kind of journal together or a story about what they are living and feeling these days (or what they feel like) can be a document for their life story that they will like to have when they grow up.

It is also a good time to look at photos. We live in a time when we take many photos, but we hardly have time to sit down and look at them. We can make a projection of photos from vacation or when they were little (time travel from the sofa at home, not only is not prohibited, but it is very healthy). And, why not, make an album together, those for which we also rarely find the moment. Y that puzzle of 1,000 pieces that they gave to the eldest for his birthday but you never find the moment? No longer an excuse, the time is now! If not these days, when?

Agree with the children the screens

Obviously, no matter how Mary Poppins is, at some point they will want a screen and, adults, too (in some cases even more). "We have to reach a pact. How long and when. We can agree for a moment and make it the same for everyone. Children can watch the tablet or TV for a while and we can watch that time, connect to discuss the play on WhatsApp with our friends or read the latest news. Then we all turn off the screen, them and us, "ditch. Therein lies the challenge. Good luck!


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