Idafe unbalances the final stretch - La Provincia

Villa Santa Brígida: Jonay; Padrón, Jaime, Brian, Uday (Aythami, 88 '), Claudio, Cristian (Jeremy Betancort, 63'), Peri, Santi, Rodo and Heriberto (Jeremy Tejera, 71 ').

Union Viera: Alex Guanche; Alfredo (Idafe, 80 '), Elvis, Joel, Said, Kevin (Cristian Barrios, 75'), Trujillo, Mario, Marco (Lucas, 88 '), Calum and Juan Carlos.

Goal: 0-1.- (86 '): Idafe.

Referee: Gamaliel Escobar López. He admonished the locals Rodo and Jeremy Betancort; and visitors to Said, Trujillo and Calum.

The union See catches air at the expense of a Villa Santa Brígida, which suffers its fourth consecutive defeat and will continue, one more week, in relegation places. After a first part in which the Angel Luis Camacho squad enjoyed the best opportunities, the red and black took advantage of a solo from Idafe, in the final stretch of the contest, to take the three points of Los Olivos.

First disputed part in which the Union Viera carried more weight of the game, which allowed it to enjoy the best opportunities to go to rest with advantage. Johnny Morales' cadre, well planted in his plot of Los Olivos, found himself in front of a solid red and black team, who avoided granting abundant opportunities to the Satauteños.

With the recess, the Union Viera continued enjoying the best opportunities, and took a deserved victory of Los Olivos.

In minute 86, goalkeeper Jonay did not have the expected prize for his spectacular performance in the match to be overcome with a shot, halfway, Idafe. Already in the aftermath, Santa Brígida stroked the tie, but Jeremy Betancort failed in an action in which he was left alone before a savior Alex Guanche.

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