"I'd like to take my characters like Meryl Streep does" | Culture

The actor Enrique Salanic (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, 1994) debuted on the big screen in Days of Light, first co-production between six Central American countries. From that experience, the opportunities in the movies began to open up. On the recommendation of one of the filmmakers of that film, the new interpreter got the main role in José, winner of the Queer Lion at the Venice Film Festival, awarded to the best production with LGTBI themes.

The protagonist, of Mayan K'iche 'descent, tells that he comes from Cantel, a municipality more than 130 kilometers from Guatemala City. The most challenging for his role was adapting to the metropolis and to that "violent tension" that radiates. He says it was difficult to get into the skin of a young man who knows that homosexuality "is not well seen" there, so that his character, knows how to move and behave in the city to survive.

What does it mean to be an actor?

Be willing to be vulnerable. Because, through differences, you learn to create life and understand how different humans can be.

What movie character resembles you?

More for its acting quality; I would like to take my characters as Meryl Streep.

Who would you like to sit at a party with?

With Kaji'Imox, king of Iximché of the Kaqchikels.

What books are on your sleep table?

There is a variety, from Guatemala: Lineage and racism, by Marta Casaús; The thousand and one nights (one of my favorites), Forget Machu-Picchu, by Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa and La Casa de los Espíritus, by Isabel Allende, among others.

What movie would you like to have starred in?

The one that can inspire people to be better or leave them uncomfortable. The power of the character is to create inspiration and discomfort. When you achieve that, you move thoughts and feelings that make you question your reality. It is satisfactory.

What would you change about yourself?

Everything ... it's not a joke. I am grateful to life with what I am, because it has taken me to where I am and has taught me what I need. However, this does not leave out that there is a lot of me that wants to keep growing.

When was he happiest?

Several times, but one of them was when I got a scholarship to study at one of the United World Colleges in Lester B. Pearson College, Canada.

The last meal that really surprised him?

All, I love to eat [ríe a carcajadas]. It is a privilege to have access to food.

In your fridge there is always ...

Pure water.

First drunk?

I do not remember; it was a long time ago.

What do your friends reproach you?

Nothing that I remember, we understand that we are going to do what is in our hands to support us. We let ourselves be.

A recurring dream?

I can not remember them.

If I could have a superpower, what would it be?

Make us stop polluting our home, the Earth.

Where would I not want to live?

Where I do not feel happy.

When I was little I wanted to be?

Actor, I'm taking advantage of the opportunities that life gives me.

Favorite smell?

Petricor, the one on earth after the first rain.

Your specialty in the kitchen?

Eat before the food is ready.

What would you say to your president Jimmy Morales?


What is the last movie that made him cry?

Ixcanul, by Jayro Bustamante and Innocent Voices, by Luis Mandoki.

What movie would give a child to introduce him to the cinema?


Who would you like to be trapped in an elevator with?

Emma Watson.

What are you willing to buy?

Tickets to travel to the different film festivals.

How do you see the future of Guatemala?

Despite all the uncertainty, hopeful.


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