Iceta wants national museums “not to be alone in Madrid”

The Minister of Culture and Sports, Miquel Iceta, has stressed that as a minister he has a special obligation to “promote” museums and “the integrity of their collections.”, in relation to the controversy that arose last week after the resignation of the general director of Fine Arts. However, he has also been in favor of national museums “not only in Madrid.”

“What we would like, and fortunately in Toledo we have good samples and in Almagro, that national museums are not only in Madrid“, he pointed out during his visit to Toledo.

A) Yes, has highlighted “the effort” that some museums they are doing so that their collections can somehow visit other communities, because “they are museums that belong to all Spaniards.”

In any case, he has pointed out that this does not imply “in any case” breaking the unit of the collections. “Museums are somewhat artificial artifacts, in general they bring together works of very different origins, except for some museums that have to do with archaeological sites, therefore if we remove the pieces from museums, it could lose that ability to explain globally a type of art or an artistic expression “, has emphasized Iceta.

In this sense, he has invited everyone, “as words are sometimes carried by the wind”, to read the State’s general budgets to verify that “there is no item in which the role of national museums is weakened or the integrity of their collections is put at risk”.

Asked specifically about a possible transfer of the Lady of Elche, has abounded in that his department is not “very in favor” of putting some pieces at risk. “There are pieces that are very unique for museums, either due to their history or relevance” and there are also logistical and insurance problems.

Therefore, he has indicated that he does not want to commit to specific movements. “What I do say is that the national museums belong to the whole of the Spanish and therefore an effort must be made “as, for example, the Museum of Art of Catalonia does by making exhibitions outside of Catalonia or El Prado giving works so that exhibitions can be made in the rest of Spain.

Crucifixion of El Greco

He has also been asked about the Acquisition by Cultura de la ‘Crucifixión’ del Greco for 1.5 million euros to incorporate it into the Toledo museum collection.

As he has indicated, “museums are not a closed work, but must continue to be enriched”, adding that the El Greco Museum “is a good museum”, but “we were missing some piece like this that explains a stage of the evolution of El Greco “.

A museum like El Greco must have the ability to explain the evolution of El Greco’s painting and with this contribution, which we have also obtained at a reasonable price, the collection is even more rounded “.

“For us it is an obligation, the museums are not there to stay as they are, but to enlarge their collections, not to divide and break them,” he concluded.


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