July 4, 2020

Iceta is "hopeful" that PSOE and ERC reach an agreement

The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, has assured this afternoon in Lleida that he is “hopeful” that the PSOE and ERC will reach an agreement for the investiture and hopes that there will be “a new blockade” that will lead the country to Third elections.

In this regard, Iceta has been convinced that "one of the successes" of the negotiating commission between ERC and PSOE is the "discretion" with which meetings are being held.

Although he affirms that ERC is asking for “the guarantee of a negotiating process”, the first secretary of the PSC hopes that an agreement can be reached in a short time that avoids new elections and “the most extreme strengthening of the right”.

Asked if he would like to be a minister, Iceta has declined to discard himself because “he is very ugly”, although he has assured that his “priority” is set in Catalonia and in the next elections, which could be held in 2020.

He added, however, that "the PSC makes available to Pedro Sánchez all the political and personal capital he needs."

Iceta has attended the PSC Federation Council this afternoon in Lleida and has been accompanied by the Government delegate in Catalonia, Teresa Cunillera; the subdelegate of the Government in Lleida, José Crespín, and the socialist deputy in the Parliament of Catalonia Òscar Ordeig, among others.

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