September 20, 2020

Iceta defends that the Parliament speaks of everything, but "cannot decide" against the constitutional order

In a Cope interview collected by Europa Press, the leader of the Catalan Socialists has replied to the president of the Catalan Chamber, Roger Torrent, who on Friday said he will not make the Mesa del Parlament an organ that prevents any debate.

"The problem is not freedom of expression but when decisions are made that go against the constitutional order or on issues that are not the competence of the Parliament. The two things cannot be mixed," he reasoned.

He has specified that all issues can be addressed in the hemicycle and has ensured that this has always been done, but "the problem is when someone wants to adopt a resolution that overflows or clashes frontally against the constitutional order."

On the response that can be given from the street to the 1-O ruling, he recalled that the right to protest is included in the Constitution, but also the rights of other people who do not want to demonstrate.

Iceta has requested that the mobilizations do not "disturb" the normal functioning of things and has warned that the right to demonstration does not cover the cutting of train tracks, airstrips of airplanes or roads, and that if these disturbances occur, the Mossos 'Esquadra and the rest of the forces are here to prevent it from happening.

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