Iceta defends that the budget agreement is "a great gesture" for Catalonia

Iceta defends that the budget agreement is "a great gesture" for Catalonia

The leader of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, has defended today that the agreement of general budgets of the State between the Government and Podemos is "a great gesture" for Catalonia, for which he has shown his "confidence" in that ERC and PDeCat give their support and that they also demonstrate "gestures" that generate trust.

On the occasion of the 78th anniversary of the execution of the former Catalan President Lluís Companys by the Franco regime, Iceta has led the traditional floral offering to the tomb of the exmandatario in the cemetery of Montjuïc in Barcelona, ​​accompanied by the former president of the Generalitat José Montilla and the secretary of Organization of the PSC, Salvador Illa.

In subsequent statements, and asked about the general budgets of the State, Iceta has argued that they are "good budgets", so he has admitted that the Socialists "trust" that finally PDeCat and ERC "give their support and we will see how they develop events. "

For the Catalan socialist leader, "there has been an agreement with Podemos that means reversing the cuts, improving the living conditions of the working and popular classes, ensuring pensions, a more just and progressive tax burden", in addition to, for Catalonia , an "increase of resources to the Generalitat if the budgets are approved".

Therefore, asked about the claims from the Generalitat of "gestures" of the Moncloa towards Catalonia, Iceta has suggested: "What I would like to know is what gesture have made the independence in recent times."

"It is very good to ask the other party, but to ask for one must be loaded with reasons and we have not yet seen by the independence movement any gesture that allows us to be more calm.They still do not rule out absolutely returning to mistakes of last year" , has reproached.

Iceta has noted in this sense that "the gesture in some budgets are the budgets themselves and these are clearly good for Catalonia, for Spain, for the Catalans, the Spaniards and for the people who have suffered the most from the crisis. "


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