June 16, 2021

Iceland will not perform live at Eurovision due to a positive covid-19

Rotterdam (Netherlands), May 19 (EFE) .- The band Daði & Gagnamagnið, which represents Iceland in Eurovision 2021 and is one of the favorites for victory, announced today that it will not perform live in the next shows of this edition , which includes his semifinal tomorrow and, if he qualifies, the final on Saturday, for a positive of covid-19 among his musicians.

In a statement, the festival regretted that the entire Icelandic team has been in quarantine after a positive last Sunday, the first of this delegation, and today they were all subjected to another PCR, in which another member of the group tested positive due to covid-19, and, although the rest of the team has tested negative, they all have to remain in quarantine.

“Daði & Gagnamagnið have made the difficult decision to withdraw from performing on this year’s live Eurovision Song Contest programs as they only want to perform together as a group. His song will remain in the competition and we will broadcast his rehearsal, recorded on stage on May 13, ”explained Eurovision.

A few hours before this announcement, the leader of the sextet communicated on Twitter that this new positive “will probably mean that we will not participate in today’s rehearsal or tomorrow’s live show and that, instead, a recording of our second trial. ”

The affected person, Jóhann Sigurður Jóhannsson, has published a video on his networks, very emotional and unable to hold back his tears.

In it, he declares himself “devastated” by the news, although he assures that he is well and recognizes the difficulty that this would mean for Iceland – currently fifth in the bets with his song “10 Years” – even participate in the grand final if he succeeds classification.

According to Icelandic television, RUV, the team had been given the Janssen vaccine before leaving for Rotterdam.

It appears, however, that although this significantly reduces the effects of the infection, it does not provide full protection against the virus and there is no conclusive data on whether it eliminates the possibility of infecting others.

A positive among the Polish delegation, who participated in the rehearsals today without problems, was what forced the festival’s protocol against covid-19 to be activated last weekend and to quarantine them all, which also included Romania and Malta preventively by sharing the hotel with all the equipment.

The last tests of these two countries yielded negative results in all cases, so they were enabled to perform live at the gala held last night at Ahoy Rotterdam.

Given the situation of the pandemic, the Eurovision 2021 organization anticipated this possibility and ordered each of the 39 countries to record one of the rehearsals on the Ahoy Rotterdam stage.

“We have been extremely careful throughout the trip, so this has been a huge surprise. But we are very happy with the performance and hope that everyone can see it. Thank you for all your love,” Daði Freyr posted on his Twitter account.


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