Ice revolutionizes the Arena - The Province

Ice revolutionizes the Arena - The Province

More than 11,000 people will overflow this afternoon Gran Canaria Arena to watch the Olympic medalist and double world champion Javier Fernández at the head of the show of ice skating and live music Revolution on ice. Less than 1,000 tickets remained yesterday to sell to complete the capacity of the multipurpose pavilion, fourth consecutive function with the poster "sold out" in the second half of the state tour after the exhibitions in Pamplona, ​​Malaga and Murcia, as reported by the company organizer of the event.

"We are super happy to be able to see this pavilion so big and beautiful the first time we come to present a show on ice to Gran Canaria, it is to think about more exhibitions in the future, hopefully Madrid [28 y 29 de diciembre] also be a success and next year we can visit many more cities, in 2018 we have been in some that we had never organized anything, "said Javier Fernandez Lopez (Madrid, 1991) before its premiere on the island, where" had to touch any door more because of the habit of working in the Peninsula. "In the opinion of the six-time European champion," 100% of people will go home with a good taste in their mouth, surely, it is very important that people stay with desire to to be able to repeat another year with an equal or greater exhibition with other ideas ".

Although "each city is a challenge, because the public is different, we always try to do the same work, after all, we want them to have a good experience, have a good time and enjoy a unique show," added Javier Fernández on Revolution on ice, with the choreographies of David Wilson and Sandra Bezic along with the musical direction of Carlos Jean. They integrate the cast skaters that add 38 medals between Olympic Winter Games and world, continental or state championships, that is, the biggest stars in the history of the discipline as the South Korean Yuna Kim, qualified as queen on the ice to be considered the best of all times.

Also participating are Jeffrey Buttle (Canada), Yuka Sato (Japan), Javi Raya (champion of Spain) or couples Annette Dyrt-Jannick Bonheur (France), Sara Hurtado-Kirill Jalyavin, Aritz Maestu-Laura Barquero and Celia Benayas-Marco Covela (Spain), in addition to the synchronized women's group The Revolutionettes. The singers Diana Navarro, Eva Ruiz and Blas Cantó complete a show with a "very large production of light and sound, with projections that interact with the skaters themselves, a show that is not seen every day", Javier Fernández advanced, "with a lot of time in exhibitions around the world but not in Spain ".

In his opinion, "it was the moment to present a worthy show in our house so that our people could enjoy what we offer in other countries, we created something more own, we want the public to know more the skating in a different way, a promotion of this sport". Although other disciplines "can be assimilated, like figure skating on wheels, each one is different and it is very complicated to do something similar to our sport if you do not have an ice rink", admitted the protagonist of Revolution on ice, that after the tour will travel for 20 days to Canada to prepare the last European championship of his career.

"I will try to get the gold medal, revalidate the title and get seven consecutive, difficult because I have not been able to train for months but viable, the only thing I have to do is a lot of work in a short time," said Javier Fernandez before considering "complicated" , therefore, to tread ice and sand on the Island. "I wish I could stay longer."


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